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Best Rated Whole House Dehumidifier 2014

What are the Top Rated Whole-Home Dehumidifiers?

Are you looking for the best whole house dehumidifier which will perform to an excellent standard and is capable of removing just the right amount of humidity from your house? Well if so, the dehumidifiers below are held in extremely high regard among common homeowners who suffer with the same likely issue as you ‘too much humidity (not heat)’ — where they are pretty much considered the best around for ‘de-humidifying’ your home and in all offer decent value for money.

#1 Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier 403360

The Santa Fe 403360 extracts 70 pints of water every day with its advanced dehumidification technology. It has a compressor that is high on efficiency and can also save energy. The unit is high capacity but has a low clearance, ideal for crawl spaces up to 1600 square feet. The dehumidifier has an exhaust that you can configure as per your convenience, from the back or from the top. This makes it extremely flexible unlike similar units in the same range.

The air filtration system is superior compared to other dehumidifier units whereby it is consists of e Merv-8 system which is the latest filtration system available. This technology ensures that the machine is working for longer hours than other similar machines. In case there is a power outage you need not worry since the unit restarts automatically. When you purchase the unit you will be given the option of buying optional kits consisting of hang kits, ducting kits, condensate pumps and caster kits which will make installation very easy. The Santa Fe dehumidifier is energy star rated and can produce 4 pints of water every hour.

#2 Williams DH-130A Whole House Dehumidifier

The DH-130A can extract 130 pints of water per day at a relative humidity of 60% and temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing this dehumidifier is easy. When you switch it on you will notice that it is very quiet due to excellent insulation provided by high-density lining inside. The DH-130A has an automatic defrost which protects the machine by switching off the compressor if the interior coils get covered by frost. The fan runs automatically until the ice melts. The air filter can be cleaned easily since it is made out of nylon mesh thereby extending the life of the filter.

The water will not overflow if the drain is choked in which case the compressor stops automatically so that the water production is stopped temporarily. If the door is opened the power is shut off immediately due to a built-in switch.

#3 Honeywell DH150A100 Whole House Dehumidifier

The DH150A100 is a very powerful dehumidifier that is capable of removing up to 150 pints of moisture per day. A unique feature of this dehumidifier is the built-in ventilation control comprising of the advanced MERV-11 media filter that draws fresh air into your room and at the same time, stale air with moisture is removed. You can place it as a standalone unit or duct it to dehumidify a certain area. The machine is very energy efficient and can remove more moisture per unit of energy than other similar machines.

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