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Best Scales that Work on Carpet – Ratings


Are you asking the question, “Do scales work on carpet?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. However, all scales don’t perform equally and if you’re trying track your weight and the best scales that work on carpet? You will have undoubtedly found that most weight scales, both electronic and mechanical ones, can give you an inaccurate and inconsistent reading when you try to measure how much you weigh on carpet surfaces. When you weight yourself on the carpet, the readings can be much more than you actually weigh, which can obviously be alarming if you’re trying to lose weight. This is mainly due to the imbalance that carpets cause. This is mainly due to the imbalance that carpets cause because the scale needs a non-compressible surface underneath. Even when you put a board or solid surface on top of the carpet, the underlying “give” that the carpet provides, causes the weight scales to provide you with an inaccurate reading.

Do Scales Work on Carpet? Which Ones Work

This is mainly due to the imbalance that carpets cause because the scale needs a non-compressible surface underneath. Even when you put a board or solid surface on top of the carpet, the underlying “give” that the carpet provides, causes the weight scales to provide you with an inaccurate reading (How scales work). Particularly frustrating if your bathroom has carpeted floors. However, there does exist some specially designed both mechanical & digital bathroom scales that work on carpets accurately – let’s check some out below.

EatSmart Precision High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale

This is a great bathroom weighing scale that works on carpets. An incredibly popular, premium, a sleek & modern looking model that’s both very affordable and easy to use. It works with a large 3.5 inch LCD display and step on technology (where you can simply get on and you get your weight read, no need for tapping it & fiddling about to see if it is on.

[amazon_link asins=’B004L6NTHU’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’charliebr8vo-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3337e905-f4f0-11e7-9611-bbd9b0eaa240′]

Eat Smart Precision Scale: Rating: 94% (sourced amazon.com) from 2000 plus reviews.

The reason it works so well on carpeted floors (as well as hard floors) is its base is fully secure & lifting the ‘measuring zone’ up and way from your floor & has awesome accuracy due to the four high precision G-senors, measuring to the fifth of a pound. Definitely, the scale that I most recommend for those with carpet floorings in your bathroom.

Detecto Mechanical Bathroom Weight Scale Accurate

For those looking for a mechanical bathroom scale that is accurate on the carpet, you are rather more limited in options, they often don’t perform nearly as accurately as the digital weight scales tend to do. Although, there is one option that has been proven time and time again & that is the Detecto D350, but it does come with a rather hefty price tag.

Rating: 90% (sourced amazon.com)

Incredibly well designed and made (built to last a lifetime) with powder-coated steel casing and can accommodate a max user weight capacity of 350 pounds. As you can see the 7-inch dial is large and easy to read & serves as the Pro Series, so is often used in hospitals, gyms etc, to give precision readings. Will easily serve as a very high-quality bathroom weight scales that work on carpet or wood flooring.

#3 Fitbit ‘Super Smart’ Wi-Fi scales that work on carpet

This weighing scale is very much the future of bathroom weight scales, giving deadly accurate feedback on weight & works well on carpet or hard floors. As you have read it is wi-fi enabled, meaning that you can keep automatic records of not only how much you weight but also what body fat percentage you are, your body mass index and so on — all through your iPod touch or laptop.

Fitbit Scales: Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com)

The Aria works through automatically uploading data to fitbit’s website and then you can download free apps to share your results with other people. You can log other information such as food, workouts – then chart your progress and see what is an effective combination of factors that works for you in weight loss. Best Price: Just over $100.

Still Having Trouble With Bathroom Scale Accuracy on Carpets?

Even after you have invested in one of the three specialized carpet scales above and you are still having ‘accurate’ measurement difficulties, then simply place a solid surface (e.g. like a cooking board) underneath the bathroom weight scales — acting as a hard surface — then you should get much better results.

Best Scales that Work on Carpet – Ratings
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