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Best School Locker Decorating Ideas

Going back to school? Here you will find some of the best and cool ideas for decorating your school locker:

Decorating your locker is an enjoyable experience that helps teens and tweens express their own identity. Though your locker is the school’s property, it is your personal home for that particular year and many schools allow students to decorate their lockers as they please within certain guidelines. The locker decoration is just not to show off, it also depicts your interest and tells others what kind of person you are.

Having an impressive and organized locker is certainly a conversation starter and it can help you make new friends. Today’s locker decorations include stacking shelves to keep your books organized, colorful wallpaper to design the inside of your locker to your liking and cute trinkets and novelty items to help keep you organized. So locker decorations are not only a cool way to express yourself, they are also designed to be highly functional and to keep you organized. In this article, you will find some of the best school locker decorating ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd and help keep you organized!

Sharing a Locker? Organize your stuff without a mess:

For those who have to share locker space with others, an organizing shelf could come in very handy so that you can keep your things separate. Lockers are usually just one giant hole where people normally just throw their books, and other things inside-if you are lucky, you may have a hook to hang your coat. It doesn’t have to be this way-make your locker more functional with inside shelving systems. These are some good options in shelving systems. Other than the wallpaper, your shelving systems should be your most important locker investment because it may mean the difference between complete organization and complete disarray. A shelving system is a good option even if you do not share a locker with someone.

Tall Stacking Wire Locker Shelf (colors may vary)

Tall Stacking Wire Locker Shelf is a great space saving solution for school lockers. It is available at a price under $10. The shelf creates a storage space for keeping books and other items. It can fit in lockers of 12” wide.

Other Shelving Systems That May Serve Your Individual Needs

Ultimate Organizer Locker Shelving System by LockerShelfIf you are looking for a sturdy organizer, you can consider buying Ultimate Organizer Locker Shelving System by LockerShelf. This organizer is strong and extremely durable and it is designed to fit a majority of school lockers. It is available at a price of $27.99 and it is designed to last for many years.

LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer

If you want to keep lot of things in a small space allocated to you, you can get the LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer. It is a hanging organizer that fits to a full or a half locker. The mesh organizer helps keep small accessories such as pen, mobiles, CD, etc. These organizers are cool and colorful too. You can get this organizer at a price of $22.95.



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Do You Want A “Theme” Decorated Locker? Use Your Favorite Wallpaper or Wall Decals!

If you want to make your locker unique, having a theme is a fantastic idea. The theme can be related to your passion, your hobbies, pets, animals, sports, favorite athlete, flowers, family photos, purple color lockers or pink color lockers, etc. This clearly conveys your interest and will also bring out the creative person inside you. Here are some examples.

RoomMates RMK1851SCS Adventures Under the Sea Peel and Stick Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK1851SCS Adventures Under the Sea Peel and Stick Wall Decals can be considered for under the sea theme locker decoration. At a price under $10, you get peel and stick wall decals to decorate your locker walls.


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Under the Sea Tropical Fish Nursery/Kids Room Wall Art Sticker DecalsFor Nemo fans, Under the Sea Tropical Fish can give an excellent look to your locker.

Find below Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal- Red Flowers and Butterflies and Flowers Wall Stickers can make a cool girl’s school locker space. These are really fun and attractive.

image image


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Girl’s Pink Locker Decorations:

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