Best Self-Tanner for Olive Skin

Tanning in the sun can seriously damage your skin, not only that but also heighten your risk of skin cancer. But don’t worry, there is another way to get gorgeous bronzed skin, using self-tanner. In the past, people associate self-tanners with fake looking orange skin. But now days you can get self-tanners that look completely natural and don’t go orange. Using Self-tanners are fantastic for olive skin tones as the colour of the tan will help off-set the green, olive undertones in your skin. This will give your skin a warmer glow.

When self-tanning you generally have two choices, self-tanning in a salon or self-tanning at home. Self-tanning at a salon means you can get a perfect tan without any mistakes and you are less likely to get streaks. However regular visits to the salon can be expensive. That is when self-tanning at home can be a plus. To prevent streaks and get an even tan at home try using tanning gloves with your tanning product, they are designed to make sure your tan is streak-free.

When choosing a self-tanner for olive skin tones you will need to look for gel, mousse or spray formulas. The reason why is because these formulas are drier then cream which mean the tanning agent, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) will be more concentrated, so the self-tanner will show on your skin a lot better. Have troubles finding the best product? Then follow this guide to the best self-tanners for olive toned skin.

Ella Bache – Great Tan Without Sun

Ella Bache’s Great Tan Without Sun self-tanner is considered one of the best self-tanners you can buy. And we can definitely see why. The results are amazing, your skin looks gorgeous and bronze without the terrible orange look. It contains pH balanced stabilizers to prevent the tan turning orange. It also has next-to-nothing odour, which means you can say good bye to a smelly fake tan. This product is also easy to apply as it has a tinted bronze colour so you will be able to notice any spots you may have missed.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

This is a gel formula so it is great for olive skin tones. The colour results in a nice natural looking deep tan. It is non-greasy so it absorbs very quickly onto your skin and only takes two hours to change colour.

Sun Labs Self-Tanning Spray Can, Ultra Dark

Spray cans are useful to use for those hard to reach places. Sun Labs Self-Tanning Spray Can comes in ultra dark and if you are looking for the deepest tan you can get then this is the self-tanner for you.