Best Shoes For Bunions Guide

Do you have bunions on your feet? These bony prominences, otherwise called commonly called bumps, appear near the big toe, at the joint where it attaches to your feet. The discomfort is caused when the end of your big toe starts to bend toward the other toes, causing them to crowd. It also causes the bone at the base of the toe itself to move prominently outward, causing even more discomfort. Inflammation from this constant pressing of your toe against your shoe is what actually creates the pain.

Although men can also develop bunions, it is more prominent with women, as it is usually a result of the type of shoes that are worn. It can also be caused by abnormal foot mechanics, flat feet, arthritis and a variety of other bone deformities. In this article we are going to discuss the best shoes for bunions, ones that will allow you to potentially walk normal once again.

It should be said that shoes may not directly caused bunions to form. However, your toe can develop a bunion as a result of wearing improper shoes. One way to remedy the situation is to change the types of shoes that you wear, or at least limit wearing a particular type of shoe.

In fact, there are specific types of footwear that are specifically designed to help prevent bunions, and to also help people that currently suffer with them right now. If you are currently experiencing pain around your big toe joint, or if you see a bump at the base of the big toe on the inside of your feet, it is definitely time to change shoes.

In general, the type of shoe that you want to wear should be a breathable slip on. It should stretch to some degree and provide excellent arch support. It is also beneficial to have a wide toe box giving plenty of room for your toes to move around.

More expensive shoes tend to cater to the shape of the foot itself, making it a good idea to invest in quality shoes designed specifically for your feet. If you have to wear tight fitting shoes, make sure that you use devices that can stretch the toe box of the shoe itself, allowing for more breathability and room.

Another choice that you have is using padding within the shoe itself. These are usually silicone liners which are able to disperse the pressure around the big toe joint, and usually come in the form of elastic sleeves. Offloading pads can also be used to remove the direct force usually experienced while walking, and you can also wear these without the shoe by slipping them on. Toe spacers are often recommended until you are able to recover from the bunion.

By inserting these between your toes, it can reduce the amount of pressure and friction that is typically felt. Remember, the bunion is caused by constant rubbing and pressure applied at the base of the big toe, and providing this extra buffer will help alleviate the problem. You might also want to consider bunion splints, medication from your doctor, and also surgical treatments if you need to have the bunion shaved to remove the discomfort.

The best shoes for bunions are can be found on the Internet at the lowest prices. By doing a search for ‘best shoes for bunions’, you can find specific shoes that cater to men, women and those with large or wide feet. Many companies sell a variety of shoes that provide extra room in the toe area. Reputable companies such as Orthofeet, Drew, New Balance, Footsmart, and Propet have created specifically designed shoes to help people that are suffering with bunions.

Whether you are looking for walking shoes, casual shoes, or therapeutic shoes that are designed for this specific problem, you will be able to locate the best possible deals on the web. The only caveat is that ordering shoes online may not guarantee that they will fit your feet as sizes tend to vary from different manufacturers. It may be in your best interest to actually visit a shoe store that sells shoes that are designed specifically for those with bunions.

In conclusion, if you are worried about developing bunions on your feet, or if you currently are suffering with them right now, it is in your best interest to purchase a pair of shoes that provides enough room for your toes. Although wearing high heels is something that you may have to do for your job, there are many women’s shoes that provide extra comfort in the toe area. By searching for the best shoes for bunions, you should be able to find a pair of shoes that you can wear to prevent bunions from developing, and also provide you with comfort right now from existing bunions on your feet.