Best Six Pack Workout Program Ever

Busy schedules have often prevented us from going to the gym to workout. As a results, so many people get a little rounder in the waist area because of sitting in the office all day and not getting as much physical activity as we are supposed to. In this hub, you will find out how you can prevent those bulges to keep on growing.

This is your very own guide to the six pack workout program ever that will surely give you the best results you are seeking.

1. Cardiovascular exercise. A good workout routine should include a great cardiovascular set of exercises performed at least four times a week. These exercises would help boost the flow of oxygen and blood in the body that would help in burning those fats. You have a wide array to choose from and it is up to you to mix it up so you won’t get bored.

These routines include aerobic exercises, dancing, playing running sports like tennis or basketball. You can also run at the treadmill or do the stepper in the gym. These exercises should be performed every other day for about 30 minutes each day to help speed up the process of burning fat.

2. Strength Training. This part of the six pack workout program is probably the hardest to do, especially for those who are not used to lifting weights or performing exercises in sets. But you have to do this in order to let those muscles in your abs show.

Strength training requires endurance and a certain number of repetition of the various exercises for the muscles to even begin to show. The exercises included in this category are weight-lifting, yoga or pilates, and circuit training.

For this type of work-out you may choose to use equipments found in the gym like dumbbells, pulleys and other exercise machines. You may also use your own body weight as a form of resistance like what you do in pilates or yoga.Some people who don’t want to go to the gym use anything found in their homes as weights, like canned goods, water bottles or even a plastic bag full of groceries.

3. Abs-specific work-out.

You definitely have to do your abs work-out if you want to get amazing results. These work-outs include your basic crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and oblique exercises. You may increase your level in this six pack workout program by making your movements slower, therefore feeling the resistance inch by inch; or you can also increase repetitions.

If you want something on DVD that you can follow along with, I recommend several six pack abdominal workout videos below: