Best Solar Motion Lights for Outside Your Home

Everyone loves to save money but most people also love to spend it so what do you do. Easy if you’re going to buy something make it an item that’s going to save you money in the long run like solar motion lights for outside your home. As you probably already know solar lighting has been around for years but in recent years, thanks to LED light bulbs they have grown in popularity. This new wave of solar lights are smaller, brighter and less expensive plus they are packed with features. These sun powered motion lights not only help save money they are also easy to install even for a novice. Not only that they can be installed anywhere light is needed has long as there panels which are attached to long cords can be placed in direct sunlight most of the day. If you have been looking for a solar motion light for the outside of your home below you will find several of the best on the market.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights

If you are looking for an extremely bright light that can cover a lot of ground the Maxsa Innovations 40218 Motion Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight is a good choice. It has two independent light heads that fully adjustable allowing you to pinpoint exactly where you are wanting light. The built in motion sensor has a range of about 25” and can see 180 degrees. It also has an adjustable setting that allows you to change the amount of time (from two to four minutes) the light stays on once motion is not longer detected. There is also a sensitivity adjustment with a high, medium and low setting that allows you to pick the setting that best works for your situation. For example the low setting could help keep the light from picking up unwanted targets like small animals that pass by in the night. As with most wireless outdoor motion lights installation is as easy as mounting a few screws so if you can use a screw driver you should be able to install this light. And if you are worried that the location you need the light to be placed might not have enough sun light to power the unit you will be glad to know that it comes with a nine foot cord that connects the light to the solar panel. This allows you to mount the light in one location and the panel in another. Overall this iConcept SL-100 32 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Detectors a great product.

Another good choice is the Concept SL-100 32 LED Solar Security Light with motion detector and photocell light sensor that keeps the light from coming on during daylight hours. It comes with a 2w amorphous solar panel that keeps the 4 volt 4.5AH lead acid battery charged. A fully charged battery is capable of powering the light for up to 10 hours giving you plenty of light when ever it is needed. The 32 LED bulbs have the equivalent brightness of a 20w CFL and can cover roughly 190 feet. It also has an adjustable timer so you can set the amount of time the light stays on after motion is detected. This Concept SL-100 is a very nice looking light and has a four star rating on Amazon where you can also find pricing and see the reviews

So the next time you are in the mood to spend some money do yourself and your family a favor by buying and installing solar motion lights for outside your home. The long lasting convenience and safety you get with these lights will more than make up for any up front costs you will have.