Best Speakers for the Money

Speakers can be placed in your car, around your home, and/or to your computer for the best quality of sound. They take up little space and offer top quality sound. To find the best speakers for the money you can search online or at your local electronic store. If you happen to listen to music a lot or watch a lot of movies or play many video games, you want top speakers that will offer you the best sound possible.

Having poor quality sounding speakers will not add anything to what you are doing. In fact, it can make it rather annoying to hear suddenly scratchy sounds or a loud piercing noise. You may also not want to spend too much money on the speakers as they are an addition to what you already have, therefore, in general the best speakers for the money are rather inexpensive to start with.

Sony SS B1000 Bookshelf Speakers

Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-Inch Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)The Sony SS B1000 Bookshelf Speakers can be placed in various areas of your home. They received 4.5 stars from more than 400 Amazon reviewers and cost no more than $70. They take 120 watts with maximum input power and they offer high resolution audio. They have a cone shaped woofer that reaches 5.25 inches tall and is highly advanced along with one tweeter that is one inch tall. It uses 80 to 50,000 hz frequency response and these speakers weigh no more than six pounds.They have one speaker input to connect the speakers, click here for more reviews.

Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black)These speakers are one of the best speakers for the money at no more than $30. They received 4 stars from more than 225 Amazon reviewers. It takes 50 watts of rms power and 100 watts at peak power. The woofer is 4 inches tall and the speakers can be mounted on the wall. A wall mount comes with the speakers. These speakers are weather resistant and are designed to face all types of weather by being surround with rubber. These speakers are three way passive speakers and are durable for outdoor usage and are considered one of the best in wall speakers for the money, see more reviews on Amazon.

Logitech S220 2.1 Speakers System with Subwoofers

Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System with SubwooferThe Logitech S220 2.1 Speakers System with Subwoofers received 4 stars from more than 1,400 Amazon reviewers. They take 17 watts rms and 34 watts at peak power. When raised to the highest sound you will still get a crisp sound to your speakers. It has a usability with control base to manage for improved acoustics, VOIP, and volume connectivity. Its base controls are located on the subwoofer system. This allows for adjusting its sound, VOIP discussions, and video games volume. Find out more features here.

Logitech X140 2.0 Speakers

Logitech X-140 2.0 SpeakersOne of the best speakers for computer music is the Logitech X140 2.0 Speakers that are ideal for your PC. They take five watts RMS power and received 4 stars from more than 490 Amazon reviewers. It has 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect an mp3 player or a cd player. You can customize its audio balance rather easily and these speakers have easy to reach volume and tone controls. They take up to 10 watts nominal output power. They are almost 5 inches tall. Read more reviews by clicking here.

These are among the top best speakers for the money. They offer top quality sound no matter where you plan to use them. They are all rather inexpensive and affordable. They do not require a lot of attachments and offer the best sound possible. Even if you are adding additional speakers, these are great choices.