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Best Stick Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 2014

Top Rated Stick Vacs for Wood Flooring

Have you been searching far and wide for the best cordless vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood flooring? Well no longer fear, as this showcase account will present you with three ultra powerful stick vacs (#1 especially) — that have been proven to pass multiple difficult stick vacuum tests e.g. decent cleaning power, mobility, value for money, practicality & how well they can cleaning hardwood etc. Below, we will provide a brief breakdown overview of each and then finally reveal who is the ‘victor’ for being the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

#1 The Dyson DC59 Digital Slim Mark. III

A truly awesome cleaning machine. The DC59 is pretty much the ‘top dog’ when it comes to cordless stick vacuum cleaners being ‘three times as powerful as other conventional cordless vacuum cleaners‘ with it being capable of a suction power of 100 AW — which is the same suction power as a corded Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner. If any stick vacuum is going to do a good job of cleaning your hard wood floors, the DC59 will.

Dyson have literally crammed it with all their latest engineering accomplishments and existing state of the art technology. For instance, it is integrated with a new ultra efficient V6 Digital motor (that perform more revolutions than a formula one car), a re-configured cobalt battery (supplying at least 50% more power than your standard 22.2 volt lit ion battery you find in other cordless stick vacuums) and their advanced two tier radial root cyclone technology (meaning its even more efficient regarding pick up dust, debris and allergens from your flooring). No other stick vac really even compares to the DC59 with regards to pick up rate of debris on hard flooring (especially if you combine it with the hard floor 180 degree articulating cleaner head).

As you might have noticed, it takes on many of the same practical designs as the DC44, with a slightly longer run time (26 minutes on standard mode). But is even lighter (by 0.2 lbs) & has a bigger bin capacity of 0.4 liters. Like the DC44 it also a 2 in 1 vacuum where it has the ability to essentially turn into a handheld vacuum (pretty much the DC58 ) through removing the wand attachment — so you can easily clean hardwood stairs with the crevice tool or motorized turbine tool that comes with the DC59 (more specific for pet hairs). You also get a docking station to keep it neatly stored away and fully charged ready for next time.

But, if you do leave the wand on, you can clean ceilings, curtains and the tops of stairs too. Obviously, it is a truly fantastic cleaning machine, but it does have one major down side — a price tag to match — it comes close to $500. This being said, if you are after the best of the best when it comes to stick vacuums for hard wood flooring, then the DC59 animal is it and in my view is worth every cent.

Rating: 96% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 9.8′ x 47.8′ x 8.2′ | Weight: 4.6 lbs

#2 Electrolux UltraPower

The UltraPower studio EL3000A is the upgraded & latest version (2014) of the Ergorapido Ion that you can see the DC59 being compared to in the video above — and is actually a very decent & pretty mean machine for when it comes to cleaning & effective pick up on your hardwood floors.

Its fitted with a well above standard 25.2 V lit-ion battery that means it offers far better suction than the ergorapido ion but can still last you a huge 60 minute run time from a single charge. Hence, you can easily clean your entire hardwood floors & carpeted areas in one fell swoop. The ultra also comes with the 180 degree swivel for easy cleaning mobility in and around your home and is installed with the new brushroll clean technology to effectively pick up pet hair and dust.

A very decent model and easily comes in second best to the DC59, but for what it is — it’s a bit pricey at $300 and I think it would be definitely worth your while to invest that extra $150 or more to get the ‘best’ stick vac for hardwood flooring, the DC59.

#3 Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum

Although not by any means as ‘good of a performer’ as the UltraPower the DC59, this Hoover Linx certainly represents itself as a very decent & incredibly popular option for those who are wanting to invest in a stick vacuum to clean their hardwood floors with but are on a more limited budget. It comes in with a price tag of a very affordable $150.

It operates with Hoover’s unique WindTunnel technology so doesn’t lose suction power and is installed with a bagless bin capacity. You get a fade free 18 volt lit ion battery that is capable of lasting around 20 to 25 minutes from a single charge — with its first minute being just as powerful as its last.

The Hoover Linx is also ergonomically designed being sleek, low profile and light enough for easy cleaning use throughout the house — across hard floors, under furniture and difficult to get to areas. Also, the brush roll bar (with on & off switch) allows for specified and optimal cleaning on hard flooring to soft flooring (carpets, rugs etc.). In all, it is a great little cleaning machine, that offers the value for money factor!

What is the Best Stick Vacuum for Hardwood?

Clearly, the DC59 is the overall best vacuum to go for (by far), however it is rather pricey. The next best alternative is the UltraPower from Electrolux which is a $150 less, but there does exist a pretty significant variation in cleaning performance between the DC59 and the ultra power though — so much to the extent that it is probably worth you investing that bit extra to get the top of the line DC59, given the huge extra value it offers. A cheaper alternative, but still a very decent performer for cleaning hard wood floors, is the Hoover Linx, representing the best cheap stick vacuum for wood floors — but it won’t leave you with the same cleaned finish the other two can. Which will you go for and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase overview of the best stick vacuums for hardwood floors please leave them below (regarding any of the vacuum cleaners featured). Also, if you’ve found this article useful please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share — will be much appreciated.

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