Best Swimming Trunks for Men

Swimming is one of my favorite summertime activities to enjoy when the weather allows it. Not only is swimming fun, its a great way to get back into shape, and spend some time outdoors. My problem is always finding the best swimming trunk to wear that will look good on me. Because I like many men like to look good regardless what the activity is. So if you’re like me, and curious to what is in style for swimwear for men. You should read this article and find out what the best swimming trunks for men are to look good in this summer.

Cool Surf Swimming Trunks for Men

Those that love that beach and surfing style appearance might find the Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Trunks just their style for swimming, surfing, and spending a good day’s at the beach this summer. I love these trunks. They’re in style for those of all ages. They’re long enough to cover the knees. Just a very simple but cool style to wear.

These are very strong and durable swimming trunks as they’re made with 100% polyester. I like polyester a lot because they won’t tear, or break compared to other fabrics. Polyester swimming trunks will last much longer compared to other fabrics. The coolest color I think is black, but you can also choose between colors like aqua, lake blue, navy, orange, red, blue, silver, and green.


Best Casual Designer Bathing Suites for Men

These are some of the cooler looking casual men’s designer bathing suits you can buy on amazon. The Alki’i Men’s Boardshorts are cool because they also have the Team USA colors on the tag of the pockets of the trunks. The colors are available in both black, cool grey, and stone. I think most men don’t tend to wear a lot of colors with their swimming trunks. I think these kind of colors are definitely best. Anything dark, or grey seems to be in style. There should be a size for every male. There are even plus size swimming trunks available in this brand for men of larger proportions.

The swimming trunk features two large pockets on the sides, and then a small pocket on the backside of the trunk. It also comes with an “A” grade boardshorts with elastic waist for a comfortable fit. Men with bigger waists might find this bathing suit more suitable and comfortable to wear.


Best Speedo for Men

The speedo look really isn’t for me, but some men absolutely love them. The Speedo Men’s Race Endurance has gotten a lot of positive feedback on amazon. One thing really nice about this speedo is that its 100% chlorine resistant, and will last two times longer with new four way stretch technology.

Some men love speedos because of the elasticity and stretchability that it provides. Speedos are also a lot easier to swim with, and they’re very light compared to swimming trunks. This is made with 50% polyester and 50% PBT. Most customers seem to comment on how comfortable, and how well they seem to fit. Available in black, and navy blue. Sizes go from 30-38.

American Flag Bathing Suit for Men

There’s nothing like being a proud American and displaying the American flag on your bathing suit. These are always very popular and cool style fashion trunks for men to wear. The USA American Flag Men’s Swim Boardshorts are pretty nice and cool to wear. There’s some feedback from customers on these swimming trunks.

I think these are more like beach swimming trunks that would look especially cool if you are celebrating 4th of July at the beach, or pool. These are long enough to cover the knees. They’re made with 100% polyester and feature two outside pockets, one inside change pocket, and a drawstring. It’s available in sizes from men’s small to men’s XX-Large.