Best Table Tennis Table Under $500

Top Rated Ping Pong Tables Under 500 Dollars

Are you wanting to buy a new top rated table tennis table to play on inside your house but are wanting to stick to a budget under $500? That’s great. You can still get yourself a quality ping pong table within that type of price range & here we have done the ‘research’ and ‘field testing for you’ Below, is a range of four highly rated table tennis tables that are durable, practical, look great and of course are all within the 500 dollar budget — so you are bound to find the perfect table for you.

#1 Joola’s USA Standard Indoor Tennis Table

This ping pong table, produced by the highly regarded Joola, is by far the most popular table on the market and it’s easy to see why — it offers awesome value for money. A fully sized, powder coated finished table tennis table — designed for all players, all at different skill levels.

Best price: Under $400

Specifically, the table has a 16 mm table top for consistency & great playing conditions. It is based on a 1.5 inch steel frame work, hence is completely sturdy. It also comes with caster wheels attached below (as you can see from the image) for easy transportation after (when folded up) you are done playing. Upon arrival, it only takes roughly 20 minutes to assemble and comes with the net as seen. You can even split the table in half and just have two free standing tables to be used for entertaining and in events if you wanted.

Rating: 86% (sourced | Dimensions: 62 x 56 x 4.5 inches | Weight: 167 lbs

#2 Butterfly’s Personal Table Tennis Table

Another very affordable and very popular table is the Butterfly Personal Rollaway ping pong table. By ‘Rollaway’ it is simply referring to the fact that it can fold up and then be rolled away into a corner somewhere out of the way.

Best Price: Under $500

As you can see it takes on a dark green finish and is fully sized with a three quarters of an inch table top — to ensure quality play ‘with a decent bounce‘ is upheld for a long time. It is protected with a 1.5 inch steel railing trim to add stability and further durability to the table and is supported by stern 1 inch steel legs in place. The foldable dimensions: 74 inches in height and 27 inches in width, then based on ball bearing caster wheels, for it to be moved. When bought new, the buttefly table also comes with an industry leading warranty of 3 years. it also comes with a set of paddles and the net (as seen) as well.

Rating: 88% (sourced | Dimensions: 9′ x 5′ | Weight: 175 lbs

#3 Stiga’s Table Tennis Table w. Quick Play

A slightly less popular table, but by no means lesser in anyway, this Stiga Triumph takes on a classic tournament design. A blue 5/8 inch wooden top with a 2 inch steel trimming apron around the rim. The ‘Quick play‘ simply refers to the fact that you upon arrival of the table, you can have it assembled, set it up and be playing all well within 20 minutes.

Best Price: Around $475 Mark

It is a built on a solid steel frame work (3 inch mag) and has lockable balled caster wheels underneath so it can be transported from room to room or simply back into storage once you are done with it. With regards to its design, it is somewhat of a lower profile than the others, making it ideal for those who are particularly tight on storage. It comes with the 66 inch net and posts (see the image), but you need buy the ping pong paddles and balls. In all, a really solid & decent table and is my personal favorite of the range and which I’d advise you to go for.

Rating: 82% (sourced | Dimensions: 9′ x 5′ | Weight: 187 bs

#4 Lion’s Omega Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The only table in the range that is ‘heavy duty’ and is designed for both inside as well outside use (being moisture resistant). It has also the rather unique ability of folding up singularly on either side, so you can effectively play ‘one player’ which I really like.

Best Price: Under $500

The playing field surface uses a 0.7 inch mdf board and has a 1.5 by 0.75 inch steel metal apron that holds the table sturdy with a 6 inch thick table. It is effectively two piece tables joined together, so can easily be stored in a garage — with them each being attached with independent casters. The net that comes with the table is also firmly secured with the ‘clip on’ components that come with it. Assembly time is around 30 minutes or more.

Rating: 100% (sourced | Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches | Weight: 113 lbs

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