News Best Tackle Boxes - Plano vs Flambeau

Best Tackle Boxes – Plano vs Flambeau


A tackle box is, no doubt, a fisherman’s best friend. Depending on how you maintain it and how you put order in the chaos inside the tackle box, it can be your number one ally when you’re going after any kind of saltwater or freshwater fish.

For novice fishermen tackle boxes are often not such an important part. They lack the experience to comprehend that a tackle box offers you almost everything you need on even the longest and most complex fishing trips.

However, with time, they realize that in order to be an expert fisherman you need to get rid of the chaos you probably carry around in a poorly made box or a bag, and you finally decide to get a tackle box.

Now most people go for the really cheap ones, thinking they will have everything they need. However, once you have no more room to put any of your baits, lures, hooks, sinkers or some extra line in your box, you realize that you made a big mistake.

So one advice you all of you novice fishermen out there: you are not better off paying for one box and a few stowaways instead of a complete system. About the brands, there are a lot of them. I won’t go into detail on every single one of them, however there are a some names that need to be put out there even further: Plano and Flambeau.

There is no need to talk about Plano, all fishing enthusiasts or anyone who owns a tackle box has already heard of it, and there are not too many negative reviews either. Basically, in the world of tackle boxes, Plano is the best of the best, the crème de la crème.

Flambeau has been on the tackle box market for more than six decades, a period of time that not many companies have been able to endure. That alone speaks of the quality of Flambeau tackle boxes. Even though it is not completely devoted to producing and selling fishing material, it’s tackle boxes are at the top. Aside from being one of the older companies, it is also one of the more famous in the fishing world.

However, tackle boxes are not only storage compartments for lines, hooks, sinkers or baits, but they are also a place to put your sandwich, a place to put your knife, torch, scissors, towels, lures and other stuff.

When you finish organizing your tackle box and when you know where everything is – you will see the benefit. When you are carrying it around, it is like you have caught some fish already!

All in all, if you are a fisherman, and you do not have a tackle box, go get yourself one. If you do, however, have a tackle box, I sincerely hope that you made the right choice. Because you know how they say, organization is crucial. With order in your tackle box you can just get what you need, when you need it.

Best Tackle Boxes – Plano vs Flambeau
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