best Thanksgiving Vacations for Singles

Best Destination Spots for Single’s Thanksgiving Vacation

In an optimistic point of view, being single is a chance to explore the world and enjoy the best Thanksgiving vacations for singles. Living a single life will be lonely sometimes especially during family gathering seasons such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to feel sorry for yourself and pout. By travelling, you can meet new acquaintances and be free to do things your way. With that, these Thanksgiving destination spots would surely take your mind off loneliness.


Santorini, Greece is one of the few countries where love emerges. This is actually one of the best Thanksgiving vacations for singles not only because of its infamous nightlife but because of its romantic scenery. You can enjoy the beach by daylight and party all night. This is an excellent destination for groups but if you’re travelling alone, the city will still welcome you with open arms. Just remember to pack some party clothes to wear.


Another excellent Thanksgiving destination spot is Italy. You can either opt for Rome, Venice or Tuscany. Any of these cities would surely ease your boredom and lonesome. Although Rome is ideal for single women, Italy’s exquisite scenery and find love along the way. Party goers will not enjoy much of Italy’s elegant nightlife but you can always indulge yourself with a nice bottle of wine.


If you’re searching for an all out nightlife experience, Amsterdam is the most legit area you can go to. This area is best for a group of single friends who just want to have fun and party like a rock star. As you know, almost everything is legal in this area known for being the “party destination of the world”. If you’re travelling alone, you might want to consider other options. Amsterdam may be a great destination if you want to forget all your problems but it can also be a dangerous place to travel alone.


Why the gloom on Thanksgiving if you can display your well-toned bodies at the shores of the Carribean. Just be sure to pack a nice bohemian outfit to match the reggae music you’ll be hearing all night. Whether you’re travelling alone or in groups, Jamaica will definitely boost your spirits.


A list will not be complete without Mexico in it. The great thing about this country is that it’s for everyone. Whether you’re seeking for an adventure or just relax on a lazy afternoon, this destination spot can offer it all. There’s surfing activities you can try and tequila nights you don’t want to miss. Of course these activities would be more fun if you’re travelling with your friends. If you’re alone, you can always rely on other tourists for company.

Las Vegas

Last but not the least is the “Sin City”. This is actually the perfect getaway for single individuals who just want to have fun and forget their boring lives.It is not considered as “the playground for adults“ for nothing right? Plus, there are a lot of opportunities here for you to re-enact your wild teenage years. With that, if you’re thinking for the best Thanksgiving vacations for singles, look no more, as Las Vegas is just around the corner.