Best thigh exercises!

Are you looking to wear the trendy jeans and short pants? Want to lose the excess fat of inner thighs? It isn’t that difficult to get smart and strong legs if you just follow a few easy exercises. Healthy diet and smart fitness plan can make it happen in just a few days. Below are few inner thigh exercises that are easy to follow and would give great results.

Run up a set of stairs and walk down. If done at least 10minutes thrice a week will tone up the thigh and also decrease weight

Lie on your side and place an exercise ball in between the legs. Lift the ball upward using hips and butt and take it down.

Lie on your side and place an exercise ball in between the legs. Allow pressure to squeeze the ball for 5 seconds and then release pressure.

Lie flat face up with the palms facing down. You need to raise 1 leg high and then bring it all the way down slowly and gradually. When you are bringing it down, form a semi circle with your leg and bring it back.

Lie on your right side with your left-hand on the ground in front of you. Your left leg needs to be on top of the right, and raise both legs up together, and hold them for approximately three seconds. Follow the same for the other side of the body too.

Lie sidewise on the floor and lift one leg to the air and slowly bring it down. Should be followed 10 times for both the legs.

To tone the thighs muscles, make your position wide whilst keeping your back straight against a wall. Do squats by moving gradually down the wall.

You would require two weights to be held in both hands. Then spread the legs little more than the shoulder length. Squat down slowly and retain the posture for five seconds prior to switching to the starting position.

Lie on your back with your palms facing down. Lift right leg upwards while keeping the left toe pointing down, inhale and make a circle above using the right toe, moving the entire leg clockwise, keeping the hips steady. Repeat it 5 times both clock wise and anti-clockwise for both legs.

Lie straight on your back with both hands under the neck. Now do a ‘bicycle ride exercise’ by moving both legs forwards and backwards in a cycling manner. This is both for inner thighs and abdominal muscles.

Hope you get rid of your fatty thight and butts by following the above exercises. Make it a routine to exercise atleast 15-20 minutes daily.

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