Best Tile to Match Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The best tile to match oak kitchen cabinets is pretty subjective, but there are some standard options you will want to consider before you make your selection. Depending on the stain used on the wood, the color you use will vary greatly. For this reason, the coloring will be up to you. Since the stains range greatly, and the rest of your interior may be of different colors, you will have to check out what looks right. Still, if you would like to update your flooring, you will have some really great choices. Let’s look at the best tile to match oak kitchen cabinets that may be available at a home improvement store near you.


This is most common and cheapest option for most. You can get warm and complimentary colors that will look really good against just about any color scheme you can imagine. Installation is pretty difficult, at least for the average homeowner. If you pay to have it installed, it will cost much more than the tiling itself.

Parquet Wood

You can find this type of flooring at all home improvement stores. It looks like and you can match the color of your kitchen cabinets, or use a complimentary tile color. It’s really best if you take a look and see what suits your personal taste. Check out the ways to get the best hardwood flooring prices, to make sure you don’t pay too much.


It’s expensive, but it shines nicely and looks very elegant, especially in earth tone colors. The main drawback is that it’s so smooth that it can become slippery when wet. Keep this in mind before you have it installed.


Granite is very expensive and heavy, but provides and nice, earthy look that would like nice in your room. It is a heavy product, and there can be variances in the height of the tiling. You will find this at almost any floor covering store. Ordering a product like this online is probably not going to work, due to shipping costs.


This is a unique, but expensive option. If you are on a budget, this probably won’t work out well for you. Still, it’s a very unique looking floor and one of the best tiles to match kitchen oak cabinets. The unique look of bluestone catches and holds attention to anyone in the room.

Recycled Glass

While not widely used for whole-room flooring projects, it can add a nice splash of color to your floor and enhance the look of your kitchen oak cabinets. It’s one of the best tiles to add a nice accent of color that can be used in the home. Pricing varies greatly, but it’s generally more expensive than parquet or low-end ceramic, but cheaper than bluestone or granite.

Vinyl Tiling

This is the most cost effective and DIY installation friendly option. Most have self-adhesive, peel and stick flooring tile backing, making them a good choice if you want to save money. You can get all kinds of colors and design patterns, so they may end up being the best tile to match oak kitchen cabinets.