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Best Tom Dixon Lighting Products

British designer, Tom Dixon is a pioneer in producing some of the best lighting, furniture and gift accessory designs. Started in 1975 the designer has come up with many innovative designs in this brand. Some of the best lighting products here are-

Ball Pendant

One of the best designs of the Tom Dixon brand is the ball pendant. It has a 50cms opal shaped shade which is designed in black aluminum coated panel. This shade gives out a perfect blend of light. It is a perfect design for today’s modern homes.

Base Polished Brass Table Lamp

This is a classic Tom Dixon lamp. It has a perfect brass coated shade which has an iron base. It is designed in such a way that it gives a very minimalistic but classic look. This lamp provides great aesthetic look in the room it is placed in too. This product is a huge hit in online stores that sell lighting products.

Beat Floor Brass

This design gets inspiration from far off lands. Its lamp is inspired by the brass drinking vessels which are used in India. This is the main reason why Tom Dixon lightening is very popular. It gets its inspiration from various cultures and lands. It is also minimalistic in design and is made up of solid brass and iron cast. This gives the lamp a nice appeal when placed anywhere as an interior design.

Beat Tall Grey

Made up of beat brass, this lighting is now recolored in powdered grey. It gives a very warm feeling when placed in a room. This also has its inspiration from India. It is made by artists in Northern parts of India where brass products are a major trend setter. When going through online Tom Dixon lamps shop you’ll see that this lamp makes your room look very spacious. Its tall and sleek look radiates light in many directions giving the room a very open and spacious look.

Pipe Light

If you are looking at decorating your house please look out for the various Tom Dixon online stores. They are perfect for the various interior design options available. The pipe light is an example of this. This tubular structure gives the room a warm and fresh look. It is made up of aluminum and has an anodized inner finish. It gives the room a very warm and dramatic look which is ideal for home parties.

Etch Shade

This shade is available in different colors- steel, black, copper and gold. When lighted it provides light beautifully in the room. It also casts a beautiful shadow in the room. This Tom Dixon lightening is made perfectly symmetrical with 0.4mm etched metal sheets. It can be used as a single pendent above the dining table or a bunch can be placed in the living room for a classic look.

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