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Best Tools for Remote Desktop Access

When you are going through crises where you are trying to deal with the broken computer then you need online tech support. For making this possible, you should be able to get in touch with remote tech support. However, it is all about giving access to your computer remotely to another user. For this, you should know about the programs that you need to download on the system.

Whether you are calling for customer support or you are a customer support company you should know about the latest and modern remote tech support tools. It is essential for online computer support and resolving computer issues.


TeamViewer is probably the most popular program and is the first choice of geeks. The program has many features and all work in a different way. You can ask the user to download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application. The application can run without any admin access and additional configuration. The user will have an ID and password that you can ask them to connect remotely to their computer.

Download the program and double click the icon for launching it.

You can choose to opt for unattended access that will give you permanent access to the system. You will have the remote access to the system without asking for login credentials. The method is good when the process, of fixing the issue, is going to take longer. However, the process works until the system is powered on. The method comes handy for preventive maintenance when the user is not around.

Another thing about the program is that it is cross-platform. You will not have trouble using it on Mac or a Windows computer. You can connect using Linux on Windows or Mac easily without bothering about compatibility issues.

Windows Remote Assistance

Windows comes with inbuilt option of helping with remote assistance. The only constraint is that only Professional Windows editions can use the software. Any other Windows version can send an invitation for connecting remotely or invite remote assistance. The tool is a convenient option, as the user doesn’t require additional software.

For using the feature, you will need to ask another person to launch the tool. Go to Start menu, enter the words Windows Remote, press Enter key.

Go to Start-> All Programs->Maintenance->Windows Remote Assistance.

Using the option of ‘Invite someone you trust’ and selecting ‘Easy Connect’ option will send them a password request.

The option of Easy Connect is not available at majority of times. When the option is not available then the user will create an invitation file. Using the app, the file can be created and sent to you.

Launch the Windows Remote Assistance on your computer and go to Help->Easy Connect, enter a password.

When the connection is approved by the user, you will gain access to their desktop. You will have a visual of their desktop.

Even though, the program is a convenient option, but it is not always a viable solution. You might find the need to connect regularly. At times, you might have connectivity issues. Additionally, you might find it frustrating while connecting to another system without the person providing the access or giving you the password. For this reason, TeamViewer is a better option.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Having Google Chrome browser is the most common scenario. You can choose to opt for Chrome Remote Desktop connectivity for remote access.

The app for remote desktop access should be installed on both the systems.

Launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app on a new tab and click the option of Enable remote connectivity.

Click the ‘Share’ to share the system with another user and generate an access code.

The access code should be given to another user who wants to gain remote access.

You can choose to set a PIN for permanent connectivity.

The best part about this tool by Chrome is that it works on all the platforms including Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Other Options

Other options for remote connectivity include the following:

• Skype offers the feature of screen sharing. It is compatible with any system regardless of the OS. The best part is that Skype is easily available and is common to most of the users. It is convenient to use and install. You will just need to explain the steps to another user for establishing connectivity.

• LogMeIn is yet another desktop sharing option that can occasionally be used. However, it is more about enterprise as it is a paid solution.

• Enable Remote Desktop option in Windows for permanent remote access without any hassle.

You can use any of the mentioned tools to your benefit. If you are still looking for more solutions, then contact online computer support helpdesk for discovering more remote desktop solutions.

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