Best Top 3 Gift Ideas for Computer Geeks

All you have to do with this one is find out what computer games your friend DOESN’T have-and then comb the electronics stores for the one(s) that are missing. I would be lying if I said that I knew what all the hottest games are. But that’s the beauty of shopping for a computer geek, you get to visit these stores and find out what all the hype is. – New York

For a Geek I would suspect that most of the top gift ideas would be something that allowed them to buy something for themselves being a Geek myself one of the best gifts I have ever received was a Amazon gift certificate it was easy for the person gifting me to buy and easy for me to redeem. Probably number two on the list would be IMO a gift certificate to Newegg, while I have never received this as a gift I know I would like to, if the Geek is into gaming another good choice might be a gift certificate to Steam where they could purchase whatever game caught their eye. – Chicago

For a geek, there are many different things you could get them, contrary to popular belief that geeks are hard to buy for. It’s best to know what kind of geek a person is before you buy them anything. Honestly, is probably the best website for finding ‘nerdy’ items that anyone would love. A computer geek, however, would probably love several different things. For one, anything nerdy that is a USB hub. It will be something fun that they can use as well as have fun with. Secondly, a fun mouse pad will bring them cheer. Thirdly, any good computer geek can always use a fun (and high memory) flash drive! – Floriday

For a geek I would purchase the following 3 items: 1)USB Memory Brick thumb drives from the Think Geek website, a geek can always use thumb drives for storing and transporting data, the perk of these??? They are shaped like LEGOS, Geek chic! 2)Etch A Sketch IPad case, most true Geeks must own an IPad, and that IPad needs protection, ThinkGeek offers a truly nifty way to protect your IPad and also be the envy of every Geek on the block! 3)An IPad, if they don’t already own one, they need to. Not only does it do many of the things a laptop does, but its portable, and lets be honest, it is a bit of a Geek status symbol. – Queens

For a geek I would get three things a google tv console, ipad 2, and a Sony XBR 3d tv. Obviously with the google tv you can go onto the internet and interact online on you television for only $299. With the ipad 2 you can download various apps and be online conveniently anywhere you may travel for $499. With the Sony XBR you can experience the joy of 3d in the comfort of your own hoe. It is one of the best 3d tv’s on the market for about $3000. – Miami, Florida

For a geek you cannot go wrong with a video game. Diablo 3 is one of the newest and most impressive games for around $60. For a person who likes to build and program things, Lego Mindstorms kit is a great idea. It is a complete Lego set which includes a lot of value for the money. This is the way to unleash one’s inner child: Mindstorms is today’s model railroad equivalent. A bargain gift is Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized gadget which is a fully-featured Linux computer for just $25. – Pheonix

For a geek I would definitely get them a bagpack because they always have heavy books and there laptops and other electronics with them and a bagpack would be something they would like and they would use. Another gift I would recommend to a geek is a coffee place gift card. Geeks like to spend there time at coffee shops because they can access the internet and it is good place to have group work done or to work on assignments for school. Most coffee shops have free wireless and have plenty of seating and that would help in group studying or group projects for school or even college. The other thing I would think of is an Ipad or a tablet depending on your budget. Ipads are the #1 thing right now. with a lightweight small gadget, you can do everything on it including surfing the net, doing your computer homework, research, or even projects. You can watch tv, download apps, read books, write essays, work on excel or access. The tablet is lower in price than the IPad with a smaller screen and less features but it is known for reading ebooks. – Orlando

For a geek you should always get something related to computers. You know, they just came out with Ivy Bridge processors recently- get him one of those puppies and his custom build (obviously- cause he’s a geek) will be blazing fast. Also, the latest graphics cards are always coming out, and any geek worth his salt would go head over heels for one of those blazing fast speed demons. Lastly, you should get him some sick LED lights for inside his computer. You can never go wrong getting a geek some computer components for his tricked out build. – San Francisco, California