Best Top 5 Insurances – How Much to Pay?

The best top 5 insurances that are essential for me are: 1. auto insurance, 2. health insurance, 3. home insurance, 4. life insurance, and 5. disability insurance. I think that auto insurance should cost $60 a month, given that I drive a car that cost me $2000. I think health insurance plans should be available at $100 a month. I think that home insurance should cost 1% of the home’s value per year, so for me that would equate to $160 a month. The life insurance policy I’m on costs only a few cents a day, and amounts to a few dollars a month. Although, I’m paying that for my whole life, in the short run, it’s very affordable. I think that disability insurance should cost $50 a month. In general, insurance costs are too high today. But, I don’t think that government-mandated plans are the solution, because I don’t want the people in charge of sending us to war also to be in charge of my insurance policies. – Texas

The best insurance to have is fully comprehensive driving insurance. This is due to the amount of irresponsible drivers on the road today. it will cover you if you are hit by an uninsured driver. the cost should refelct the ability of the driver and thus get cheaper the longer you dont make a claim. the next insurance i would say is life insurance. in the event of an accident i would want peace of mind knowing that my family would be financially looked after. i think a suitable amount for this is around £20 pound. the next type of insurances i would say are needed are house and contents insurance cover the loss of say a burglary or major issues with my property that i could not afford to pay outright. again i would say around £20 a month is acceptable. Finally i would say insurance that protects against redundency is important especially in todays climate. these genrally give you a 12 month buffer to get you back on your feet and time to find new employment. – Florida

The best insurances for me would start out with adequate health and dental insurance. I would like to get away from catastrophic insurance and health clubs and find actual health insurance again that is affordable and gives us a choice of providers. I can see with the size of my family (8) paying $500-$700 per month. I also need auto insurance for teens since three of my kids are ready to drive. I would hope that this would run under $200/month per child. I could use business insurance to protect our inventory in storage, at the office and at home. I would not think this would be too expensive and expect to pay around $65 per month. It would probably be a good idea to get supplemental homeowners insurance to cover our belongings, pets, livestock, etc. that would not be replaced by our basic policy. I do not have any idea what this would cost but I would be unwilling to pay more than $100 per month. Finally, I do see a use for life insurance with the number of dependents that we have, but we always debate insurance versus investments and choose to invest in whatever small ways we can. I would be inclined to get term insurance at our age and pay $50/$100,000 of coverage per quarter. – Detroit

The best top 5 insurances that I think me and my family need are car insurance, health insurance, home owners insurance, dental insurance and life insurance. I need car insurance could I could not afford to purchase someone else another vehicle or pay for their medical expenses in the event of a car accident. I would like to pay $30 per month for this insurance. Me and my family need our health insurance. I cannot think of anything more important than our health. Without insurance, if an event occurred where a medical emergency came up and I did not have insurance to cover it, it could bankrupt me and my family. It could wipe out my life’s savings and assets. I would like to pay $75 per month for this insurance. I own a home and I want the security that I have homeowners insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding my home and covering my personal property that is in the house. I would not have the funds to replace it without insurance. I would like to pay $75 per month for this insurance. Dental insurance is one of those items that should not cost a lot but is so essential. Nothing is more painful than a dental cavity or gum disease. I would like to pay $15 per month for this insurance. Having the ability to not have my family worry about how they are going to pay for bills if I should decease and how they are going to pay for funeral expenses. I would like to pay $45 per month for this insurance. – Los Angeles

The five best types of insurance are health, auto, life, homeowners, and travel insurance. Health insurance is key in that many doctors or dentists will not treat you without it and the costs of out-of-pocket care are several times the cost paid by insurance carriers. Many schools or jobs require that you carry health insurance. I think $200/month per person or $600/month per family would be reasonable, but I know rates are about double those figures. Auto insurance is required by law in many states. There are too many variables for me to set a fair price, but in most cases, I think $1000/year is reasonable. Term life insurance makes sense if you support anyone who cannot work. I would pay $20/month per $100,000 of coverage. Homeowners (or rental) insurance is also a good idea. I think a yearly cost of about 1% of the value of the home or items would be fair. If I were taking an expensive trip (or traveling internationally for more than a week), I would purchase travel insurance. I think paying 5 to 10% of the total value of the trip is fair. – New England

The best insurance I would need is car insurance because I drive regularly, it is required by law, and the possibility of a car crash is unfortunately high even when care is taken to avoid it. I would probably pay around a hundred dollars for a good plan. The next insurance I would get is health insurance because the cost of health care is so high, and I would pay $200 for that policy. The next I would get is life insurance, because it would help pay for costs that would burden already-strained family members in the event of my death. The final policy I would pay for is renter’s/home owner’s insurance, because at the moment I simply would not be able to afford to pay for additional expenses, for which I would pay something like $250. – London

The three best insurances anyone can have our life, auto, and home. Life insurance is especially valuable incases of death so family members are not left with expenses that they cannot afford. Secondly, auto insurance is equally important. Driving to and from work, weather, damage, and other drivers are more than enough reason to fully cover yourself and auto. Thirdly, home insurance. This is always and in the true sense of ‘just in case’. There are so many variables that as a a homeowner you never know when a problem might arise. So many independent work parts within the home that could go wrong. Flooding, hail damage, and even worse fire. – Las Vegas

The best insurances to have Life insurance as we do not want to leave our loved ones with final costs of interment and to leave them with some extra money for the rest of their lives. I think most insurances shouldn’t be over $25 a month. Homeowners insurance to protect your home in case of natural or other disasters with no out of pocket expenses to be incurred. Again, $25 a month in this economy. Health insurance to keep down the expenses of emergency care and for general health care and preventative health care. I think health ins. should be free but $25 a month is fairly reasonable. Car insurance because it’s the law and to protect yourself and asssets from any sort of law suit. My car ins. is $80 a month but $25 would be better. Dental insurance because keeping your and your family’s teeth healthy also helps with your general health and prevents painful dental experiences. $10 a month as it’s mostly preventative care. – New York

My wife and I have many different types of insurances. I would rank the top five as being first medical insurance, dental insurance, homeowners/renters insurance, auto insurance, and finally life insurance. Medical insurance is extremely important in case of severe illness and can help prevent personal bankrutpcy. Dental insurance is important because in encourages people to take care of their teeth and gums which is important to overall health. Homeowners/renters insurance helps give people piece of mind in case of fire or other destruction of personal wealth. Auto insurance helps provide replacement vehicles in case of accident and helps prevent lose of personal wealth and piece of mind. Finally, life insurance is important due to the potential for lose of income due to unexpected death. I prefer whole life policies which increase in value over time. – Philadelphia

If I have to choose the best 5, they will be as follows: Life insurance: $45/month Health insurance: $150/month Auto insurance: $30/month Disability insurance: $10/month Terminal illness insurance: $15/month. Insurances companies are always trying to rip off clients and it is a needed evil.