Best Trail Camera for the Money

Game hunters, in recent years have come to rely on trail cameras to garner important information about the trails they are working and the big game they are hunting. Deer, turkeys, bear and moose can be spotted and studied in readiness for a great weeks hunt.

Since trail cameras have become so popular in the last decade or two it should come as no surprise that there are many, many trail cameras on the market on Amazon. Some are outstanding, some are merely adequate and some, still, are absolute garbage.

We have worked hard to collect the best trail cameras while keeping the price tags in check. Below you will find a smattering of seriously impressive game cameras to buy. In fact there might be more than a couple that would be considered the best trail camera for the money.

Moultrie Gamespy 6 Megapixel Digital Infrared Mtm Game Camera

The Traditional Trail Cam

The Moultrie GameSpy Digital Game Camera is a basic model game camera with a 6MP resolution and several programmable modes. Its low price and wide range make it a contender for the best trail camera for the money, easily. The camera offers up a 50 foot flash range, about 10 feet more than many of the trail cameras on the market.

This top notch trail camera is especially useful for hunters looking to scout larger radius trails. The camera also comes equipped with waterproof casing so you’ll never have to worry about the elements coming into play, read more here.

Several modes including time lapse are especially helpful to consumers looking to analyze a wide time frame without heading out to the location for hours on end. Overall this cameras range makes it a great choice for the best rated trail camera.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Night Vision Trail Camera

Night Vision Camera

Sometimes you simply need a camera to take great night pictures without scaring away the game. If that is what you are in the market for the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Night Vision Camera might be the best trail camera for the money for your needs.

The camera takes 8mp full color photos in both stunning daytime mode or impressive night mode. The night mode relies on an invisible LED flash that won’t scare away the game with a bright bulb.

The battery life is also impressive and it is compatible with a 32MB SD card for serious photo saving. The device also has a solid perimeter sensor of 45 feet so you’ll be sure to pick up all the shots you could ever possible need without having to do too much work, check the reviews out here.

Stealth Cam Archer's Choice 8Mp Digital Game Scouting Camera

Spectacular Pictures

Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice 8MP camera is simply the best trail camera on the market if you are looking for stellar shots. The camera has a 40 foot trigger range as well as an infrared range control setting. It has a trigger of 1.6 seconds which is respectable and will capture all of the pictures you could ever need.

The time lapse mode create a moving trail of all the information you could possible need and the burst mode performs outstandingly with 9 images per trigger. The posse mode will capture images of herds moving through without a problem.

What makes the Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice a top contender in the best trail camera for the money category is its picture quality. Even on the lowest setting the images captured are crisp and clear, see reviews. No pixel problems or noise with this camera. Hunters will be able to pick out important elements of the image without a problem. Even on the lowest resolution the camera performs extremely well.

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System

Quick Stealth Mode

If you are looking for one for the top rated trail cams to buy while still garnering seriously cool stealth mode options than the Day 6 Plotwatcher Video Camera is what you have been looking for. The camera can record 7 consecutive days of a trail as it snaps a picture every 5 to 10 seconds depending on the settings.

This camera also comes with software that allows you to reverse and fast forward through frames to grab the information you need. If you are looking to track movements and scout locations without having to physically watch the setting over a days span than this camera will do the trick. The camera has a simple set up and is compatible with USB drives, more features.

The features that are packed into this stealthy little device make the work of analyzing camera footage easier than ever. There is no two ways about it, this is a top trail camera in today’s market and the pricing isn’t too unreasonable, either. Overall it’s a solid competitor for those looking to record a great deal of information.

If you still have not decided, check out more of the best trail cameras for the money on Amazon.