Best Ukulele Under 20 Dollars

With the popularization of the ukulele, people want to start playing the instrument. They usually look for something rather cheap and expect to find the best quality for a ukulele under the price of 20 dollars.

Why it is more expensive than a guitar

The problem with the ukulele and its price comes from the fact that the instrument is not as popular as the guitar. While almost everyone knows someone who plays the guitar, the same cannot be applied to the ukulele. So the market is very different because it is not as wide. This results in what look like higher prices that people have to pay to get a really good ukulele.

A Ukulele for Less Then 20 Dollars Is More A Decorative Toy

Keeping the difference between the guitar and the ukulele, it is surprising for some players that beginners go for really cheap ukulele. For less than 20 dollars, the quality is usually really low and seems like playing the lottery. Some of them are acceptable because they can stay in tune, some are just good for decoration.
Except if it is a second hand instrument, people would not buy a 20 dollar guitar. It should be the same with a ukulele. It is a fun instrument but it should be considered as an instrument.

A Good Ukulele Is Something That You Will Want To Play With Everyday

The pleasure of playing a ukulele is its sound. Most of the time, it makes people think of Hawaii and vacation time. So if it sounds like a cheap toy, you might not want to play it all the time.
It is probably a matter of people’s taste but most ukulele beginners usually have a low threshold of 40 dollars to start. There are some really good ukulele for beginners around 50 dollars that are playable and stay in tune. That should be one of the first criteria to consider. Then one ukulele that one person loves may not be the best for everyone. The best ukulele is probably the one that makes you want to play. It may not be the fanciest one but it is enough to share the pleasure of the sweet music coming from the 4-string-instrument.

As a long time ukulele player, I would advice to take a look at a Makala ukulele that can be found around 40 dollars. Some of them can be bought at around 20 dollars if it is a second hand ukulele.