Best Used Cars Under 6000 Dollars

In order to find the best used cars under 6000 dollars, you need to do some research and it will require some work on your end. If price is your only really concern, you’d be surprised to know that you can find used cars under $1000 and even $500! Keep in mind, however, that the quality of these vehicles will be poor, and most of them will need extensive repairs. Of course, if you are willing to spend more money buying a used car, less repairs will be required. At $6000, you can probably find a decent used car with relatively low mileage. The car will most likely have a few dents or scratches, and many need some parts replaced. Here’s how to find the best used cars under 6000 dollars in your area.

Repo Vehicles For Sale:

You can definitely find tons of cars under $6000 by going to repo auto auctions. Due to a poor economy, many people have failed to make their monthly payments on their cars and therefore you can find more and more used vehicles at these auctions. It is their loss and your gain. At these auctions, you will be able to find sedans, coupes, convertibles, trucks, vans, SUVs and even RVs. With so many choices, it is often difficult to cut through the lot and find your perfect car. However, this takes patience and a lot of time browsing. Keep in mind that there is a bidding system at these auctions so you have the advantage if there are less people shopping around. Here are some tips to find repo vehicles for sale in your area.

Check the Internet: If you do a simple Google search, you will find tons of auto repo auctions sites. On the site, you will be able to filter the results according to car preference, mileage number and location. With the advent of technology, buying cars has never been easier than before.

Call the banks: If you live in any city, you will most likely find tons of lenders in your area that have repo vehicles for sale. Any institution that lends money, even credit unions, may have used cars for sale under 6000 dollars. If you don’t know where to start, check your local yellow pages and see who is lending out money. Call them up and ask them if they have any used cars that need to be sold.

Call the police station: Like lenders, police stations also seize vehicles from owners due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the police station will replace their own vehicles and when that happens, you’ll be able to find a nice selection to choose from. Since there is no set schedule for police auto sales, it is best to give them a call once a month to check.

Bidding on Repo Vehicles for Sale:

Most often, the vehicles that are sold at these auctions will have hidden bids. This puts you at a disadvantage because you won’t be aware if you are bidding too low or bidding too high. Sometimes, there will be a minimum bid as well, which means you can’t bid for an extremely low price and hope no one bids higher. In order to keep the price low and not bid too high, here are a few tested techniques that will work in your favor.

Research: Although, this may sound like a hassle, start researching on used cars that you want to buy. Get a feel for the market value of these cars and take in to consideration certain variables such as mileage and model year. If you do your homework, you will know the proper amount to bid at these auctions.

Repairs and Condition: When buying used cars, it is best to take into consideration the price of repairs and the condition of the cars. Even though you might find a car under 6000 dollars, repairs may cost you an additional 500 dollars.

Bring a mechanic: If you don’t know how to look at a car and determine an approximate value, it might be best to bring someone who has experience fixing and selling cars. They will help you get a far more accurate reading and thus save you a lot of money.

Odd bids: A silent auction is not any different than a regular auction in that, in order to win, you need to bid higher than the normal amount. A great strategy is to make odd bids. For example, most people will bid for $5000. A few less will bid for $5500. However, who will bid $5567? By making these odd bids, you increase the odds in your favor, save your own money and have an easier time winning.

More Tips: The best days to go to an auto repo auction is when it is raining outside. Less people show up when the weather is bad. What this means is that you will be competing with less people to buy quality used cars. Not only will you be able to find quality used cars, but you will also save a huge chunk of change.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to find used cars for sale. If you follow the methods and tips outlined above, you really can find the best used cars under 6000 dollars.