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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Berber Carpet 2014

What’s the Top Rated Vacuum for Berber Carpet?

Are you searching for the best vacuum that will be able to clean your berber carpet to a top quality standard whilst ensuring that it is also completely safe? If so, you don’t need to look any further than the Dyson DC65 upright vacuum, the most established cleaning machine in terms of pure suction power and fundamental vacuuming technology ever produced & is perfect for house carpet cleaning (incl. berber carpeting).

This is because it has an integrated self adjusting cleaner head that allows it to perfectly adapt to your berber carpet (that acts to provide an optimal cleaning performance) and has a highly advanced brush bar that will apply its brush bristles far deeper into you berber carpet to remove more dust, dirt and dirt than any other vacuum. Moreover, it also happens to be the most powerful vacuum ever. Let’s explore in detail exactly why the Dyson DC65 Animal complete is considered the absolute best vacuum for berber carpet.

Sucks Up Better Than ANY Other Vacuum Cleaner – a vital aspect to cleaning & vacuuming berber carpet, because of its uneven surface (with its varied bumps & loops, pretty much being the perfect carpet for retaining dirt), is an ultra powerful suction force (which cheap vacuums just don’t have) — that can literally rip the debris from wherever it is residing in the berber carpet, straight into the bin — and as stated they don’t come more powerful than the new Dyson DC65.

Where it has been proven to be the most powerful upright vacuum ever made with a huge 245 Air watts of pure suction cleaning power and it can ‘clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors’, with it possessing at least double the suction capacity as any other vacuum (being compared to the top Hoover, Shark Navigator, Bissell vacuums etc.).

Self Adjusting Cleaner Head & Re-Configured Brush Bar – these two technologies, as touched upon above, are also vital for when it comes to cleaning berber carpet (that other vacuums just don’t have & if they do certainly not to the same high quality as a Dyson vacuum will have). The self adjusting vacuum head will raise to the optimal level (as you can see in the video below) perfectly to your berber carpet, this i. keeps your carpet completely safe and ii. gets to the optimal suction level (through reducing the air suction leakage), to very effectively remove the dirt that doesn’t just lay on the surface of your berber carpet but also the dirt hidden right within the deepest pores too.

Moreover, its re-configured brush bar that has been installed (which absolutely no other vacuum has, even Dyson ones, which what makes the DC65 in particular the best Dyson vacuum for berber carpets) allows the bristles to go far deeper than any other vacuum to get right to the depths, to remove more dust, hair and dirt.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology – it has also been installed with the re-vamped, re-modelled, enhanced radial root cyclone technology, meaning it is more efficient than ever at generating colossal centrifugal forces that can suck up even the smallest dust particles from your berber carpeting (and all floors really). This is the technology that also affords it the ability to work on a bagless mechanism and not to suffer from loss of suction as the dirt builds up in the bin capacity.

Range of Specialized Cleaning Tools – also if you choose the Dyson DC65 animal complete (pretty much the ultimate vacuum cleaner), you get a range of quality Dyson cleaning attachments from the soft dusting brush tool to the stubborn dirt brush to remove tough dug in stains (particularly useful for high traffic areas in your berber carpet) as well as the legendary Dyson tangle free turbine tool, essentially the best pet hair ‘suck up’ device on the market.

Dyson Ball Technology – also unlike traditional vacuums that work on a rigid wheel mechanism, the Dyson DC65 is lightweight and works on its famous and latest ball system that allows it to turn on a single dime (not having to be dragged back and forth to get around a tight corner) and won’t get trapped and stuck in the berber carpet (as it has no wheels to do so). This allows the DC65 to vacuum with absolute ease.

So it is pretty clear from the reasoning above to see why the Dyson DC65 is by far the best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet in 2014, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview (with specific questions for the DC65 — you can find out more here about it as well though) then please make them in the comments section just below.

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