Best Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair 2014

What’s the Top Rated Vacuum for Long Hair?

Whether it be long human hair, long horse hair or long dog hair — most vacuum cleaners can’t deal with sucking up long stranded hair because it tangles up the brush bar and eventually breaks the vacuum. However, there is a vacuum cleaner out there, the Dyson DC65, that will make extremely light work of anything you put in front of it, including long hair. Let’s explore exactly why the Dyson DC65 Animal complete is the clearly the best vacuum for long hair in 2014.

Extreme Suction Power – it has been developed to be the most powerful vacuum cleaner… ever. Where it ‘cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors’ and possesses at least twice the suction power as the next best non-Dyson vacuum cleaner. It boasts a huge 245 Air watts of constant suction power and is fitted with their very latest Radial Root Cyclone technology that allows it to be capable of generating huge centrifugal forces, which in turn make it simply the best at picking up debris, dust and any size hair (incredibly short or long). Nothing will clean up short & long hair quite like the Dyson DC65.

Tangle Free Turbine Tool – if you haven’t seen this awesome little attachment in action, you definitely need to check it out (see video below). This is basically the perfect cleaning tool for picking up any type of hair across any floor type or upholstery. It works on a Dyson patented and unique suction system with counter rotating heads, meaning it is virtually impossible for it to ever get tangled up and ending up breaking (like most pet hair attachments do). Then when this is used in combination with the huge DC65 suction force behind it, nothing even comes close to being as effective at removing long hair. Note: it comes free with the DC65, but if you were to buy it separately it would come close to a 100 bucks.

Arsenal of Specialized Dyson Cleaning Tools – moreover, if you checked out the video below ‘cleaning with bigfoot’ you will have seen just a few of the free attachments you get when you buy the DC65 Animal Complete that will vastly improve your cleaning experience (especially for when it comes to long human hair). You get the soft dusting brush tool for cleaning delicate surfaces (so you don’t have to worry about scratching a monitor etc.), the stubborn dirt brush for tough areas (and high traffic areas or where there is big lumps of hair), the up top tool (for high hard to reach areas), the combination tool (which is a crevice tool for hard to get to places but also doubles up with a brush nozzle) as well as a stair tool and much, much more.

If you have a serious pet hair problem and want to take it a step further to have absolutely all bases covered then check out the fantastic Dyson Groom Tool as well.

Self Adjusting Cleaner Head & Improved Motorized Brush Bar – you should note that the DC65 is also fitted with the latest engineering advancements such as: the self adjusting cleaner head that will auto adapt to the floor type it is cleaning on (i.e it will raise up for when it cleans on soft flooring such as shag carpets & lower itself down to vacuuming on hard floors like tile), this is in order to minimize air suction leakage and basically allow for a more optimal cleaning performance. Moreover, it also comes with the new re-configured motorized brush bar that applies 25% more power (than its predecessor, the already very powerful DC41) forcing bristles deeper into carpets to remove even more hair.

As you can see there is really no doubt that the Dyson DC65 is the definitely the best vacuum for long hair in 2014 with no other vacuum coming even close. Granted it is expensive, but i. a cheaper vacuum just won’t do the job nearly as well and will likely break (for a tough job you need a quality vacuum and they don’t get any better than the DC65) and ii. this is both an investment and a treat, it will last you for a long, long time and will make you feel practically superhuman when cleaning, trust me. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview (e.g. you have more specific questions about the Dyson DC65) then please make them below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.