Best Vacuum Cleaner under $200 for Pet Owners 2012

Assuming you have some carpet in your home and cats, dogs or other long-haired pets, and don’t want to spend more than $200 on a new vacuum cleaner, here is a short list of top-rated vacuums to save you time and money when shopping.

Anyone who has animals living in their home knows that along with the fun of sharing your home with pets, there is also the work of cleaning up pet hair, dirt and dander from the soft furnishings. Animal hairs seem to get woven into the fibres of carpets, couches and curtains, anywhere where your pets go. It usually takes a specialized cleaning equipment to completely remove traces of pets and their odor from your home.

What features do the best pet hair cleaners have?

The best vacuum cleaners for pet and animal owners have a number of extra features built into their cleaning systems.

1. HEPA and charcoal filters to remove dander and dust from the air, while the charcoal removes odor from rugs and sofas.
2. The main beater brush has an adjustable height for maximum pickup of pet hair from carpets.
3. Large dust canisters for containing the pet hair while vacuuming.
4. An array of crevice tools and long stretchy hose for vacuuming into corners and cleaning furniture and vehicles full of pet hair.
5. An additional small powered hand tool with rubber blades for easy fluff pickup.
6. Extremely strong suction that does not diminish as the canister fills with dirt.

What features does $200 get you in a Vacuum in 2012?

Generally vacuum cleaners under two hundred dollars have a few more features compared to vacuum cleaners under $100. Most of the vacuum cleaners in your price range today have excellent HEPA filter technology, some of those hepa vacuum filters are reusable and washable to avoid replacement costs of subsequent filters. There is more in the way of electronic sensors with lights to notify you when canister and bags or filters need changing, or that the filter needs to be cleaned.

When you’re shopping for a better quality vacuum, you should be able to expect at least a 25 foot cord, adjustable brush height for different flooring types, at least a two-year warranty with ideally with five or six year warranty if you can get it. The best vacuum cleaners in this price range also boast specialized pet hair power heads and attachments with the rubber blades or plastic combs or both for picking up animal hair.

Lightweight, and easy to handle and store is always a bonus. Having the hose, attachments and power cord located on the vacuum in such a way that there is no entanglements is particularly handy.

3 Best Vacuums under $200 for Pet Owners

Here are the top rated and best vacuum cleaners under $200 available in 2012 for pet owners to clean their apartment or house. These have been picked for the having most of the above features, and because people who own them love them and say they work exceptionally well for cleaning homes with long-haired pets.

best vacuum cleaner under $200

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210

best vacuum for under 100

Eureka Pet Lover Deluxe Bagless Upright Vacuum, 8811AVZ

best vacuum under 200

Dirt Devil UD70095 Power Reach Multi Cyclonic Pet Bagless Upright

Below are more great pet hair vacuums including canister and handheld appliances available on Amazon today for less than $200.