Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring is wonderful for a lot of reasons. Not only are they visually appealing, but a number of people elect wood flooring in their home because they tend to better for allergy sufferers and many people believe they are more sanitary than carpeting. Wood floors are also wonderful for their durability and stamina under foot traffic. They come in a variety of stains, colors and types which makes for loads of choices and variety. Like any other floor, wood floors need cleaning. One of the most common ways to keep your wood floor looking great is vacuuming. Finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors does not have to be a chore.

There are lots of different models in the marketplace for hardwood floors. When looking for the best one to serve your purposes, there are several things to be considered.

Though hardwood flooring is terrific to look at, it requires more upkeep to some extent than other types of floors. Wood is notorious for showing more dust, debris and dirt than other flooring types. If you have a pet in the home the hair is also a thorn in the side of homeowners. Getting the dirt, dust, debris and pet hair out of the way means getting an option that does the trick best with the least amount of work and does not cause any harm to your gorgeous wood.

Vacuums are more popular than sweeping when attacking the material that can accumulate on your wood. When exploring what is the best variety for hardwood floors verify the machine is equipped to deal with removing debris with ease and without harm.

Numerous homeowners want a machine with a couple of extras like; easy to maneuver, low noise, not expensive and have attachments that can get the nooks and crannies around furniture. With all of these extras in mind, get the basics done first.

A regular one for carpet covered surfaces is typically usable for hardwood floors with a few exceptions. Before engaging a regular machine to do the trick, make certain no damage can occur to your beautiful floor.

Canister versus upright
When choosing between upright versions versus the canister types, consider this. An upright is typically least expensive than a canister, but can weigh up to 20 pounds more. Canisters are easier to maneuver because you are basically moving the attachment versus the entire cleaner. Getting around furniture and under items gives canister types the edge over an upright category.

Stick vacuums
These cost a fraction of the canister or upright category. Though, what you give up in price you also give up in suction power. Storage is generally easier and these work best for a quick fix for spots that need a fast and easy cleaning.


Bagless vacuums
These have become extremely popular with Going Green in the home. Bagless versions have dirt and debris contained inside of a bin instead of a bag that is removed and thrown away when full. The bin is emptied when needed and replaced to be used again.

The bagless option has one drawback. Make certain the bin is correctly sealed to prevent the debris from being thrown back into the air and onto the cleaned floor. Most bag versions are able to hold more debris than bagless options and cleaning the bin is a dirty job.

Vacuums specifically designed for hardwood floors
There are a number of varieties in the marketplace that have been formed specifically for cleaning hardwood floors.  If you want to use a carpet version, check to see if they have a hardwood floor feature built in.

One of the best has a feature that enables the spin brush found on these machines to be stopped or disabled. This will eliminate any scratches or scrapes to your floor. Not only can you receive scratches, but the dirt and debris you want to pick up can be scattered by the brush.

Small rugs can be a problem with a spinning brush. The edges are caught and damage occurs.
Adjust the height requirements to accommodate the difference between the level of carpet and the hardwood floor. Some have a bare floor setting which is useful. The best ones for hardwood floors adjust the height automatically without manual intervention.

sEdge cleaners are wonderful for any type of floor you vacuum, but especially so for wood. Corners of wood floors attract a lot of dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris to be cleaned up. This lets the act of vacuuming be performed all the way up to the wall.

In conclusion

Vacuum as a way of cleaning hardwood floors will keep this investment is great shape. Additionally, it is a wonderful way to keep your home looking beautiful. The best type of vacuum for getting the job done with hardwood floors will remove the dust, dirt, debris and other items you don’t want without damaging your lovely flooring.