Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet 2014

What is the Best Shag Carpets Vacuum Cleaner?

Finding a quality vacuum that can clean your shag carpet properly & to a high standard is difficult — as you will quickly find most simply aren’t up to the task, however there is one vacuum that stands out & which many owners consider to be simply ‘the’ best vacuum for shag carpet and that is the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete.

Where as you know cleaning ‘deep’ is the trick to getting your shag carpet clean which most vacuum cleaners simply can’t do, but the new motorized brush bar from Dyson along with its self adjusting head– allows the vacuum to dig its bristles much deeper into high pile, shag carpets & rugs than most cleaner heads. Where its bristles allow it perform and be at least 25% more powerful than its already highly effective Dyson DC41 predecessor (which was far better at clean shag carpets than standard vacuums anyway). This factor and many more is why many DC65 owners are pointing at the Dyson DC65 as the best vacuum for shag carpets for 2014. Let’s explore them below.

The Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner EVER – a fairly significant reason that can be argued why the Dyson DC65 is just so good at cleaning shag carpets is the fact that it ‘cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets’ and has a suction power that is at least twice as effective as its next best competitor (proven through an independent study) where it boasts a huge 245 Air watts of pure constant suction power. Hence, it is has a far better suction performance than almost any other vacuum cleaner and can pick up dirt, pet hair and dust incredibly effectively — even in the deepest places of your carpet.

Self Adjusting Cleaner Head – this a vital piece of technology (which many vacuum cleaners don’t have & if they do, they definitely aren’t as adaptive as this) for cleaning shag rugs whereby the cleaner head bar at the front will raise up to accommodate your shag pile carpeting (as goes into detail with) in order to provide an optimal clean performance, minimizing air loss leakage and to keep your shag carpet completely safe.

Advanced Re-Configured Brushbar – it is here what stands the DC65 way beyond any other vacuum cleaner (including previous Dyson vacuum cleaner) as this is a very recent & technical development that has allowed the brushbar of the vacuum cleaner to be far more powerful than any that has gone before it. Allowing it to apply ‘25% more power, which drives bristles deeper into carpets removing more dirt’.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology – the DC65 has also been integrated with the most advanced root cyclone system that any vacuum has been fitted with — this is what allows the Dyson to operate on a bagless mechanism, not suffer with loss of suction and basically making it capable of generating vast centrifugal forces so it s capable of picking up even microscopic parts of dust and dirt.

An Arsenal of Cleaning Tools – for those who are into intricate cleaning for their shag carpets, they are going to love the whole range of tools that are available with the DC65 Animal complete, these include the advanced tangle free turbine tool, combination tool (a crevice tool that also can be used as a powered dusting brush), upholstery stair tool, soft dusting brush, stubborn stiff bristle dirt brush and the multi angle brush. All of these are attachable via its telescope hose so you can perform a concentrated clean for the more dirty patches of your carpet. This awesome selection of cleaning tools just further justifies the fact the DC65 is easily the best vacuum cleaner for shag carpeting.

The only real thing that you have to do differently when it comes to cleaning shag carpets is make smaller back and forth movements than you would normally, the DC65 animal complete will easily take care of the rest for you. To find out more on the specifications and performance in other regards of the DC65 thenplease see here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best vacuum for shag carpet than please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all please be sure to give it a share or like.