Best Vacuum for Wood Floors

Sure, it’s easy to vacuum clean a carpet. Just about any well designed vacuum cleaner is able to do this without any sort of trouble, so there’s no big deal in that. However, when it comes to wood floor cleaning, it is a completely different story.

Wood floors are rather difficult to clean and wood floor cleaning companies know this, simply due to the fact the dirt and dust actually skitter around when you push the vacuum over it. On top of this, the bristles on the bottom of the vacuum aren’t usually designed for such floors.

This is exactly why you need to find a vacuum cleaner designed for wood floors. This way, you always know you’re receiving the cleanest floor possible, without any sort of issue or dust left behind. If you want to check other vacuums right now, click here to see more reviews.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerThis Hoover makes the list of best vacuum for wood floors due to several different options. These options include a cordless and bag less stick design which allows you to clean the floor without staying tethered to a power outlet. This way you don’t have to unplug the cable just to move down the hall or into a different room. After all, this is just going to take up extra time you’d probably rather be using somewhere else.

The 18-volt battery, provided, can be charged at any time, including when you have it put away. With an internal power brush, it turns on with just a small flip of a switch, so if you move from carpeting to bare wood you don’t have to worry as it can easily sweep up the floor, without any addition effort, see more features here.

Plus, the $150 price tag isn’t all that bad. It is actually on the rather inexpensive side of things, unless you want to just go with the old fashion broom and mop, which is sure to save you money further, but also add time to your chores. Read more reviews here.

Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Vacuum

Dyson DC40 Multi floor upright vacuum cleanerDyson has receive press regarding several of its design elements, including the ball base. This allows you to quickly and easily move around towards different areas of the room, without having to adjust the overall direction of the vacuum cleaner. This way, the vacuum is able to manipulate around chairs and other obstacles without any issues. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best vacuum for wood floors, see more features here.

The cleaner head on the underside of the vacuum automatically self-adjusts when moving from carpets to wood floors, so you never have to push a button to ensure the best cleaning possible while using it on the wood. On top of it all, the five year warranty on the vacuum is longer than just about any other vacuum cleaner out there, so you don’t have to worry about over using it. Most vacuum cleaners just come with a two year warranty, so this assures you it is not necessary to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for at least the next five years, see more features here.

It is more on the expensive side, however, as you’ll spend upwards of $500 on the Dyson. This is one of the best options available, but if you don’t want to spend that much money, it may be best to look elsewhere but you in this case, you get what you pay for. If you want to read more about this top rated product, click here for more reviews.

Bissell Rewind Premier Pet

BISSELL 67F8 Rewind Premier Pet, BlackDo you have pets and are tired of the hair seemly piling up in corners until you have large puffs of hair floating across the room whenever someone walks through? Well if this sounds familiar you need to check out the Bissell Rewind.

This device is able to be used on any surface, be it carpet or wood floor, without any reduction in quality just like what wood floor cleaning services provide. It also has a built in air filter, reducing the amount of dust particles ejected into the air during the vacuuming, see more features here.

This is one of the best vacuum for wood floors options thanks to the flip down foot which helps you create a direct suction on the wood floor and clean up all pet hair, without pushing the hair away from you, which is a common issue with many vacuum cleaners. On top of it all, the $140 price tag is great for anyone looking for a pet vacuum and don’t want to spend large portions of their check, see more reviews on Amazon.

When it comes to your floors, you probably don’t want to constantly sweep and mop, which is exactly why you need to find the best vacuum for wood floors. There are several commercial vacuum cleaners available for you, many coming in different price ranges. If you want to know more about top rated vacuums for wood floors, click here for more reviews.