Best Vinegar for Cholesterol Control?

Have you ever heard that if you take a tablespoon of vinegar it will help you to lose weight, or use vinegar for cholesterol and many other fixes? This wonder liquid has been around for many years. I remember growing up in the 70’s and people, especially women, would take it to help them lose weight. I’m not sure if it ever worked, but some claim it has. What I do know is the only way I know to lose weight is to take in less calories and exercise.

There have been some tests done but none of them really say for sure that it cures all. But there are some studies that have been done that have a bit of promise. One thing is for Diabetes. Yes, that’s right, some studies have found that the effect of vinegar may help lower glucose levels. Notice how I said MAY. It is not absolutely proven yet, but there was a study with a few people who had Type 2 Diabetes and when they took 2 tablespoons of vinegar before they went to bed it reduced their glucose levels by almost 6% when they woke up in the morning. Sounds promising to use vinegar for cholesterol control, doesn’t it?

Of course you know I am going to mention the rat studies. Even though we don’t look or act like one, the tests they performed in rats showed that blood pressure and heart health improved. Even so, they did do some studies on humans, but very few. So, what do you think, is vinegar for cholesterol control something that you would use?

Are their any risks in using vinegar this way? I believe in moderation and it seems that using it on occasion would be ok. Perhaps you may want to think about it over the long haul though. The reasoning is that vinegar is very acidic and can be very harsh to your throat and mouth if you swallow it without diluting. There was a story one time about a woman who was taking the vinegar tablets and it got caught in her throat. She actually had permanent damage in her throat because it got stuck there. Myth or Truth, I don’t know.

But with any type of medication, natural or prescribed should be monitored by a physician. So if you want to take vinegar for cholesterol control, make sure your doctor knows about it and let him voice his opinion too.