News Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle

Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle


Zazzle is an online gift store that sells unique creations produced by a collection of artists. Some of the more popular items are vintage designs, which have a nostalgic, antique look.

When making a piece of vintage artwork, it’s only natural to include pink and red roses. These flowers symbolize a bygone era of Victorian formality, coupled with a more relaxed lifestyle that allowed you time to entertain guests in a sitting room.

An easy way to dress up any living space is to use throw pillows as accents. A wide range of vintage rose pillows are available on Zazzle. Space constraints don’t permit us to show them all. But here is a representation.

Pink Vintage Rose Pillow

This pillow is very feminine and romantic, as are all the others I’m going to show you. Made of polyester, this pillow cover is also very durable and does not wrinkle. The design shown is available in three different sizes, square and rectangular. This fabric can also be ordered in 100 percent cotton.

Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle

Some Rose Facts

Did you know that a rose is the official flower of the United States, and is part of the emblem of four states? Portland, Oregon is known as the City of Roses, because its temperate climate is ideal for growing these flowers. As you drive through the city, you see rose bushes everywhere, especially along the median strips on traffic islands. There is also an International Rose Test Garden where new hybrids are developed.

Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle

Pink Roses Bow Cameo Throw

The pillow on the right is also made of polyester, and can be ordered in various sizes and shapes. All pillows shown on this page are made in the United States.

More Rose Facts

Roses were very important to the ancient Egyptians. It is said that Cleopatra was very fond of roses, and sometimes covered her floor with a carpet of rose petals.

There are more than 100 species of roses. Most of them are found in Asia.

Vintage French Peacock Pillow

Few things symbolize Victorian elegance as much as roses and peacocks. The pillow shown below mixes these two together for a very vintage look.

Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle

More Choices on Zazzle

There are many more choices for vintage rose pillows on Zazzle, if you’d like to view others. This online store also carries additional vintage rose decorations, including posters, lamp shades, tote bags and coffee mugs.

Best Vintage Rose Throw Pillows on Zazzle
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