Best Waterproof Blanket

What are the best choices for outdoor use blankets?

The best waterproof blanket is also called an all-weather blanket and they are great for any type of outdoor use. If you are wanting to go on a picnic in the park or just get outside for awhile, then you want something that is water resistant and made of a durable material. Usually, the outdoor blanket will have a light layer of padding and when you toss it onto the sandy beach or the ground, it will protect whatever you put on it.

One of the best choices for a waterproof blanket is the Tuffo Water-Resistant blanket that has a carry case. This is super nice to throw over your shouder, especially if you have little ones.


The reviews on this blanket are great! One buyer said that they liked the padding on the back and it is enough so that if they put it on damp ground, it won’t bleed through. Another person said that it folds up nice and it’s easy to take along on outside excursions. Take a look at the company sponsored video below for details. The best thing about this blanket is that you can throw it into the washing machine. It’s not only tuff but washable.

Tuffo seems to be the ideal company that has a tough, resilient product and could be considered one of the best waterproof blanket manufacturers. The owner, Kevin had a lifestyle that was very active in his native South Africa. When he moved to the USA he decided to create a line of products that was an extension of his own creative and active lifestyle. So in 1999 he created Tuffo, a company of simple, non-techy outdoor products that are not over expensive but the average buyer can afford.

So, in conclusion, here are the highlights if you want to buy the best waterproof blanket:

  • durability
  • tough
  • resilient
  • easy to transport
  • affordable

It seems that Tuffo has all the above and more if you are looking for the best waterproof blanket.