Best Way to Break Into Your House

It does not happen all the time but occasionally we will walk out the door without our keys and the doors will shut and we find ourselves locked out. When you are in that situation you can either call someone who has a spare key or you can break into your house.

Break into your home through an o pen window

This morning when I went out to walk the dog, I found the side door was open so assumed my husband was home. I went out the door and took the dog for a walk. While I was gone my husband locked the door and went to work. I was locked out without my phone or a spare key and had to break into my house.

My neighbor has a spare key, but they were not home so I put my dog in the kennel and went to search for an open window. No windows were left open, but one window was unlocked. I tried to raise it from the outside but it would not open.

The best way to get that unlocked window open is to use a screwdriver.

Lucky for me the detached garage was open and I had access to tools. I grabbed a screwdriver and a hammer. If I was not able to get the window open I would either break it or go to my neighbors house to call a locksmith.

break into a window that is close to the ground , no ladder needed is best

It took me under five minutes to break into my house with a screwdriver. I jimmied the screwdriver at the bottom of the window to ease the window open. When the window was open enough I could lift it up with my hand and climb inside.

Have you ever broken into your house?