Best way to Build big Biceps

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If you are looking for the best and easiest way to build big thick bicep muscles so that when you put a shirt on they are always bursting out of your shirt then you have come to the right place.

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My years of experience in the gym and researching human anatomy paid off for me and now you can benefit because I enjoy sharing information. I really wish someone had shared this info with me 20 years ago but it doesn’t help living in the past.

Let’s get to work.

Building big arms is not that hard if you know how to effectively train and rest them.

Biceps are actually a pretty small muscle compared to the size of muscles like your quadriceps or latissmus dorsi, even your pectorals are much bigger.

Not that you can’t make your biceps look massive because you can.

Since biceps are a small muscle you really have to be careful not to overtrain them which can be done quiet easily.

I never recommend training biceps on a different day than back. If you do you are going to experience very quickly what overtraining does. Your biceps will never grow to their full potential.

If you train your back today and train your biceps in 2 days and then train your back a day or two after that you will be overtraining them more than likely and probably not getting as good of a back workout as you could if you trained biceps after back.

The best thing about training biceps after back is that you don’t have to train them that hard because they are already pre-exhausted from doing your back exercises.

The best exercise for growing big thick biceps is the standing barbell curl with hands wider than shoulder width on the bar.

After your back workout perform 3 sets with moderate to heavy weight doing 8 to 12 repetitions. If you can do more than 12 reps then you need to increase the weight.

You don’t need to warm up for this exercise because your biceps were warmed up doing your back work out.

Doing a few sets of barbell curls after every back work out will grow you some big thick biceps.

If you would like to learn another great exercise for building big thick bicep muscles check out this article. Building big biceps with hammer curls.

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Best way to Build big Biceps, Seekyt
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