Best Way to Get Soft Lips

Chapped, dry lips don’t only just feel uncomfortable but can also look unattractive. If your lips are very dry and flaky it can also make a bad surface for applying lipstick and other lip products. So that is why it is always important to keep your lips as moist and hydrated as possible to keep it looking and feeling soft and smooth. Follow these remedies for the best way to get soft lips.

Using a lip balm to get soft lips

You will need to try and use lip balm every day. Sun can damage and dehydrate your lips so try to use a lip balm with SPF. There is a wide range of lip balms to choose from. If you plan to use just lip balm alone, try one that has a thicker and gummier consistency. These are the best for protecting and nourishing the lips. However you won’t be able to put a lip colour on top. If you do want to use lip colour over your lip balm, then use a lip balm that is lighter and thinner in texture. These will help your lip colour glide on smoothly. A recommended lip balm is Eos Lip Balm.

Using a lip treatment to get soft lips

There are a few lip treatments available that help get rid of the dead skin cells on the top of your lips. They usually contain a chemical exfoliant, such salicylic acid to remove the dry flaking skin. Try using Clinique’s All About Lips.

Get soft lips using a lip exfoliator

Lip exfoliators and scrubs are a fantastic way to physically exfoliate your lips. You can make you own by mixing brown sugar with petroleum jelly. Apply this scrub onto your lips and let it soak for 20 minutes and then gently brush in circular motions using a soft toothbrush. Rinse off with water. You can finish it off by applying some lip balm to keep your lips soft. You can also buy a lip scrub or exfoliator, a recommended product is Softlips PURE Organic Coconut and Sugar Exfoliating Lip Polish.