Best Ways To Lower Insulin Levels Naturally

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Over the years, diabetes has steadily become a prevalent disease all over the world. The number of cases has alarmingly increased the past few decades. This is mainly attributed to present-day lifestyle choices that people make. Lifestyle practices like eating fast-food and junk food, long working hours resulting to stress, lack of adequate sleep and rest, and lack of physical activity (e.g. exercise) all contribute to diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes.

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Another contributing factor to type 2 diabetes is an increase in insulin levels. When there is too much insulin, the body begins to resist it and it results to an increase in blood sugar levels. So what are the best ways to lower insulin levels?

Exercise Lowers Insulin Levels

One of the best and most natural ways to combat an increase in insulin levels is to exercise. Insulin production and release respond to an increase in blood sugar levels. Exercise forces sugar to be used as an energy supply. When sugar is used as energy, there is no need for the pancreas to continue producing and releasing insulin.

Exercising at least three to four times per week is already a big help to control your blood sugar and your insulin. Cardio workouts that last for 30 minutes to 1 hour are recommended as a good exercise for blood glucose control. However, you can also engage in activities that you find enjoyable like biking, running, basketball, and yoga. The key here is to keep the body moving and to keep your heart rate up.

Better Dieting Helps Lower Insulin Levels

Another way to decrease insulin without the use of medications is through diet modification. A type 2 diabetes diet helps in this regard. A type 2 diabetes diet strictly follows the guidelines set by diabetic experts and associations. The main goal of this type of diet is to consume low glycemic index foods – foods that will not adversely affect the person’s glucose levels. This means consuming foods such as vegetables, lean meats and fruits. Eating small portions more frequently instead of three big meals per day are also recommended with this dietary regimen.

Increase in fiber intake is also encouraged because fiber (particularly the soluble type) helps control the amount of sugar inside the body. Aside from that, fiber also helps in insulin production and regulation. However, not all fiber-rich foods help in controlling diabetes. For example, fruits like apples and grapes have high fiber content but they also contain sucrose, which is a form of glucose or sugar. It is imperative that you be aware of the foods that you include in your diet plan.

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Best Ways To Lower Insulin Levels Naturally, Seekyt
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