Best Ways To Reduce Debt by Grocery Shopping

You probably think I am crazy by saying you can reduce debt by grocery shopping. It’s true! I’ve done it and so can you. The whole concept on how to reduce debt is by first saving dollars where we can. Many people get frustrated and don’t feel that there is any money left over at the end of the month. It’s true, our lives are so busy and filled with so much that if we just took some time to sit down and figure out what is going on, we can take steps to make our lives happier and debt free. It will work for anyone, you just have to have a bit of faith in yourself and commit to making a difference.

Now get up and go to your kitchen cabinets. Look inside! I mean take a good look inside. What do you see? Odds and ends, a bottle of sauce, a can of tuna, whatever it is, write it down right now. Don’t delay and then go to your refridgerator and make a list of what you have in there. Everything! I mean down to that half of bottle of ketsup!

Did you know that most people spend way too much at the grocery store? Or, they come home with 3 bags and say , ‘I only got a few things and already spent $80! Yes, I know you’ve said that before, but how do you save at the grocery store? Let me show you how to reduce debt by shopping smart!

First thing is do not buy any more and I mean any more food until you used what you have in the freezer, refridgerator and cupboards. Use your immagination, make a meatless meal or two, get online and find some recipes with the ingredients you have right in front of you. I know, it sounds silly, but you can do it!

I first heard this from a tele-seminar I was on by Dani Johnson, the woman who was on the Secret Millionaire show. She said if you do this, you can save a fortune at the store. All the money that you would have spent at the grocery store can be used to pay off a bill. So I tried it, and it worked and it can work for you too.

I’ll take you through my journey to saving food at the store. For the longest time it was just my husband and myself and we didn’t spend too much. Then, my daughter and two grand children moved in. That meant more dough at the grocery, more food and living on a fixed income was going to prove diidicult. So, I applied the principles that Dani Johnston talked about and it not only saved me money but I paid off a $300 bill that I was slowly picking away at. Now, it’s not much, but at least I didn’t have that bill hanging over my head.

Here are some tips when everything in your food storage areas are depleted:

  • Beware of money saving coupons! Unless you absolutely need it, don’t buy it! Enough said!
  • Shop the paremeter of the store. That’s where all the stuff you need is anyway. The longer you stay, the longer you spend!
  • Don’t be afraid to try store brand. Many times it is just as good. I went to Target and saw their brand of Listerine was cheaper than the brand name. I checked the ingredients and it was equal. When I tried the cheaper brand, it tasted just like Listerine so now that’s saving me at least 3 bucks a month.
  • If you do use coupons, shop where you can double them.
  • Plan out your meals, you will find you can take that meat package and use it for several meals.

Most of you already may do some of these things, but if you work every day at ways how to reduce debt, you will see savings in just a few short weeks.