Best Ways to Stage your Home for a Quick Sale

Home Staging and what you need to do If you are

thinking about putting your home up for sale right away and need help figuring
out how to stage it properly to create more interest from prospective buyers
then you have come to the right place. Please keep reading and let me help you
stage your home for a quick sale.

I have purchased and flipped several homes and have learned quite a bit
over the years regarding home staging and how to get started staging to
showcase your homes better features.

I will give you some entry level home staging techniques that will help
you sell your house faster. First impressions are just as important with a home
as they are with people.

Some people have their mind made up about whether they want to put an
offer in for your house before they even enter the home. So the 1st
thing you need to take care of obviously is the exterior of your home.

Give your lawn a good dose of fertilizer to deepen the greens and make
sure it is cut and trimmed up nice at all times while your home is on the
market. Get rid of any junk in the yard even if you have to stuff it into a
garden shed for the time being.

Trim all hedges and bushes. Clean the outside of all of the windows and
touch up the trim around windows with paint if necessary. If the siding on the
house needs repair then repair it and if it needs paint then paint it.

If you have a garage, make sure to clear out all of the clutter and
organize everything in it so it is a functional space.

You can even spray the house off with a hose to take dirt off the siding
stucco or bricks. Don’t forget to clean the outside of the houses windows to a
streak less and spotless shine.

Now that
you have the outside cleaned it is time to go inside. 1st thing to do inside is
to go through the whole house and box up any items and trinkets that you really
don’t need to have sitting out. If you have a knick knack shelf make sure to minimize the items on that
shelf. Go through closets cabinets everywhere. Potential buyers will open
closets and cabinets to see the condition of the insides.

Clear out any personal items you collected on trips or your favourite
sports team’s paraphernalia. Family pictures should be cleared out. Replace the
family pictures with generic pictures that have colours that contrast or even
match your walls and furniture.

Now that you have boxed up as much personal stuff as possible it is time
to start staging furniture. When staging furniture keep in mind that you want
to be able to walk into a room without having obstacles in your way.

You should be able to walk into a room and walk up to any object without
having to walk around something, like putting a couch or loveseat with its back
to the entrance to the room. When you walk from one room to the next there
should be a nice flow.

Clear clutter from the front of windows, you should be able to walk
right up to a window and look out close or open the blinds or curtains without
having to lean reach or climb on anything. Make sure to clean the inside of all
of your windows as well.

Wall Colours and Lighting If you do
not have neutral tone paint colours on your walls then it would be worthwhile
going to visit some show homes to see what the newest trends are in home
colour. You can also go to stores like Home Depot and find out from their paint
experts what the trendy neutral tones are. Considering the cost of paint it is
the cheapest way to make the biggest difference in how your home looks.

It will only take you a weekend to paint a good portion of your home.
Lighting plays an important part of how your home will show as well. Walk
around your house turning on your lights and seeing how they illuminate the
room. Are you seeing wall or ceiling imperfections when certain lights are on?

You can try moving the lamps around to different locations or exchange
the bulbs with lower wattages so they do not show off imperfections in your
walls and ceilings as much.

You want your place to be well lit but you don’t want to show every
crack warped wall or flaw.

Household accessories

It is a wise idea to get rid of any dated accessories your home has
laying around and replace them (if you have to) with theme based household
accessories to add some zing to your home. Get rid of the 1980’s care bears and
stuffed smurf dolls and replace them with some small lamps, vases, candles,
funky ornaments that do not have potential homeowners thinking of a date in
time. What the potential purchaser should be thiking is WOW I really like house
this house is accessorised and that they would like to have their new home
(hopefully the one they buy from you) decorated in a similar manner. Do the
same with anything hanging on the wall. Make sure your pictures help to show
how nice your house feels to be in and not wow cool velvet posters from the

Cleaning, Scents and Lastly

Lastly clean then do some cleaning then you can clean and when you’re done that clean
some more. When it comes to selling a home the cleaner the home the more chances
potential buyers will overlook imperfections in your home.

Don’t give potential buyers anything to complain about. Make sure to
clean your furniture, organize your closets, wipe your baseboards, wash your
floors and vacuum the rugs. If you have pets make sure you keep their areas
spic and span as well.

Invest in some scent diffusers you can either plug in that spray scents
randomly or purchase some bamboo reed scent diffusers which are extremely
popular now. Put one in every room if you can and choose fragrances that are
subtle and more neutral like vanilla or apple pie in the kitchen area.

Don’t get a fragrance that is too bold because it might turn off a potential
buyer. When your home is on the market make sure to keep it spotless every day
because you never know when a realtor will want to pop over with some
interested clientele.

You have some tools now to help you stage your home. Clean clutter free
and smelling great is a good way to getting an offer on your home.

If you are interested in learning how to move furniture around to make
rooms more appealing there are many magazines that cover this subject. Furniture
staging is definitely a powerful way to get someone interested in your home.
Let’s face it if a potential home buyer doesn’t like the feel of your home then
they probably won’t be interested in making an offer on the home.

Good luck with your sale.