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Best Ways to Try Your Hand at Bridal Gown Design

Every future bride goes through her life dreaming of her big day. Questions like “who, what, when, and where” race through her mind until she can turn those dreams into reality. Nearly all women can’t wait to find out what perfect dress they’ll wear. Most girls choose to find a gown with a retailer or salon, while some ambitious women choose to construct their dress themselves. Making a wedding gown is quite a wonderful journey and is always worth the time and effort spent. If you’re thinking of taking on the exciting task of sewing your own dress, there are just a few things to consider.

Whether you’re making a gown for yourself or for someone else, the two most important tools that you’ll need copious amounts of are time and patience. Sewing, especially if it’s not already a skillset, eats up time. Hours can pass by while you’re focusing on one inch of the gown, but that’s all part of this amazing process! During this journey, you’ll learn how to exercise that difficult virtue of patience. Fabric has a mind of its own, but it’s certainly not impossible to learn its tricks and habits. Just remember to breathe through those tense moments, and know that you’ll survive!

Resources are your best friends when tackling this project. Speaking of friends, maybe you know someone who dabbles in sewing, or maybe you know someone who works full-time as a seamstress. Either way, utilize those resources! Friends will make the task so much easier by guiding you through tips from their real life experience. If you don’t know someone who sews, then your friend can be an informative book! Read it cover to cover before touching that sewing machine. Many women have gone into this project with only the knowledge of sewing a pillow together — don’t let your lack of experience prevent you from completing this!

Another good thing to research before beginning: fabric. If you already have the fabric for the gown in mind, it is in your best interest to find a resource that sells that fabric for a good price. Locating wholesale fabric can be onerous, and you may even need to travel a distance to buy it, but you’ll thank yourself later when you have a mishap with your pattern cutting! Buy cheap so that you can buy gobs of it.

If you’re not yet ready to start the sewing on your gown, maybe your best option is to first try your hand at constructing other types of gowns! Does your little niece or cousin have an upcoming birthday? Using the gowns from Bridepower.com for inspiration, sew together a smaller version of a bridal design. Designing a mini bridal dress will be great experience to apply later to your own wedding dress! Other occasions like anniversary parties and bridal showers are apt opportunities to make dresses and help you gain more sewing skills. Go into your bridal gown project sewing like a pro!

When you ask a bride if the effort she put into making her wedding dress was worth it, she will always say yes. What a momentous occasion it is to slip on your gown and know that it is of your creation. Not only will this task prove to you that you can tackle difficult projects and see things through until the end, but this will also be a symbol representing the dedication that you’ll put into your marriage. So make your wedding day that much more special and design your own bridal gown!

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