Best Wedding Guest Books

A guest book is indeed a ‘wedding must have’. Wedding guest books are awesome ways for couples to preserve the names of the people who shared that one big day with them. Modern couples are now being creative especially when planning their respective guest books. A white book with lined pages is no longer a fad these days.

Try to skip the traditional wedding guest books and infuse some personality into your creation. It is high time that you make this book stylish and trendy as a modern couple to be. Design a guest book that will make an impression among your guests.

There are numerous hassle free ways for you to make your guest book something that reflects your relationship, personality and style as a couple. Here are easy ideas for you to make this precious keepsake last long even after the wedding day is over.

Wedding guest books should be an heirloom in the making. The ultimate key for the perfect piece is to have lots of pages. Allow your wedding guests to get mushy. Try to bring out your book on your golden anniversary in the future where your guests can still record their thoughts in that same original book. This can also become a family heirloom by passing it to their kids.

Keep your wedding guest book alive with real time images. Ask someone to snap Polaroid images of every guest arriving at the wedding venue. Have your guests attach the pictures to the book and let them scribble personal messages beside the photos.

Walk down the memory lane. When giving out invites, include a short script that asks your guests to bring one picture of themselves together with you, your spouse or both. Then ask them to paste the photo in the guest book, briefly describe the scene and write their cherished memory with you. This will help you travel back in time and take you from the Cub Scout Event to your most recent office Birthday party. Keep your book in tuned with the wedding theme.

Are you planning a period wedding? You may use an inkwell and a feather quill instead of a pen and holder. Beach weddings call for sea shell designed wedding guest books. Create a uniquely designed moving book with the help of your guests.

Select a guest book captain. This is a person who is tasked to drop by each table with the guest book and ask for specific contributions. Have this appointed person approach some of your closest mates initially. Give the people magic markers and let them draw images. Perhaps other guests will follow their creative examples.

Make sure every guest in the party takes part in signing it. This is perhaps a no brainer tip but the last thing that you would want to know is finding your guest book half empty. Appoint a relative or bridal staff to make sure that everyone signs the book.

You can also bring it at the rehearsal so your friends and family will have enough time in signing it. Create something unique and worth remembering. After all, a wedding guest book is a priceless treasure.