Best Whole House Generators by Guardian

Is the whole house generators by Guardian the best money can buy? Let’s take a look at the Generac Guardian Series 5875 to see.

If you have a power outage, within seconds this generator will kick on without the need for a manual start up. How’s that for starters? It is ideal for home use and you don’t need a bunch of buttons to push or cords to plug in, it’s all automatic standby. Even if you are away it will start up on it’s own if there is an outage! This is really a fast acting model.

These are called standby whole house generators because they are fast acting and hands free action when ever you have a power outage. It eliminates the trouble of going to the basement or any dark area to find the fuse box. You’ll have to have it hooked up to your electric or LP or natural gas connections, but when that is done, there is no manual operation or fueling. The best part of this is there are no extension cords! Those days are over with a Generac Guardian Series 5875 model.

The Pros

The enclosure is made of aluminum and the initial set up is very easy. When the generator is delivered to you, it is actually pre-wired so it comes equipped with the necessary gear to install.

  • 200 amp service entrance rated transfer switch
  • outdoor connection box
  • flexible fuel line pigtail
  • composite mounting pad.

You may need some tools to complete the installation and you may want a licenses pro to do that work, but most tools can be found in any home or borrow from a neighbor or pal.

Here’s what you will love about this whole house generator:

  • clear, digital controls
  • at a glance status indicator
  • external GFCI outlet
  • True Power Technology which means it will provide clean, continuous power
  • No power surges so you can use your laptop without worry
  • Neighborhood friendly! Won’t annoy the Jones’ next door

You will probably also love the aluminum enclosure that I talked about earlier. It will be resistant to corrosion which is something you want in a system like this. Generac’s uses a rhino-coat system, which is a process that binds the paint to the metal surface. Then you’ll have a long lasting finish so when it sits outside it will withstand the harsh weather without looking like an eyesore on your property.

A little about the Engine

This whole house generator has a rugged, worry free design and it’s engine is air cooled. A high performance design will optimize the power so it can respond to the changing conditions very quickly. No worries there! Another plus is the maintenance on this type of generator only needs to be done about every two years.

The Cons

One thing you need to know about this is it will take a 12 volt minimum battery which is not included so you have to go out and buy it. Check your instructions so you know what you need. Basically, that’s the only con that I can see with this generator.

Customers reviews:

Here’s a guy who knows his electricity and who is pleased:

I have had 2 complete power failures here in the country over the last 2 years. One lasted about an hour and a half. Both times the generator started in the required 10 seconds or less and the power transferred automatically. I had to laugh when I saw the power company truck drive by looking for the outage and our lights were the only ones on. Grin!! But I am a retired Electrical Engineer and I KNOW how this stuff works. This 20kw unit has practically rock solid voltage and frequency regulation.

Another happy customer:

Over a year now we bought this and had it wired by local contractor, came with 200 amp transfer panel.
Peace of mind when the power goes out, count to 13 and varoom back on…..this has enough power to run the whole house (3500 Sq FT 2 story) 2 fridge

Out of the 27 reviews online I only found one that was negative. It was from an old man who was trying to save some dollars:

Installation manual stinks and there’s nothing in it about the method to securing to a concrete slab. Also nothing about how to work on the circuit breaker either.

In their defense, I will say it does tell you what to expect right online. Everything that is involved is right in front of you before you make a decision, that’s why I wanted to write about this.

If you are in the need of a system, you may want to consider a Generac’s Gaurdian whole house generator, you wont’ be disappointed.