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Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards


No matter you’re enthusiastic professional MMO game players or casually playing with single person shooter game, you should aware the important to have a quality keyboard can impact the whole success of the game. Especially when you playing with huge community online PC game, the slight different of precision and speed shoot discrepancy in a second can cause you to lost the whole battle.

You should take a closer look and choose the best gaming keyboard that really suit for you without burning your pocket.

What is the best wireless gaming keyboard reviews? Searching for cheap and affordable gaming keyboard on the market today? Looking for computer gaming keyboards comparison in term of price, features and specifications? If yes, then you drop into the right place. Below share with you list of compiled best and newest gaming keyboard reviews.

Best PC Gaming Keyboard With Color Display

If you’re serious MMO PC gaming player, then is recommended to buy a cool Logitech G19 series gaming keyboard. The Logitech G19 gaming keyboard is the first ever PC gaming keyboard with color Game Panel LCD display. The 320 by 240 pixel cool LCD screen let players view in-game information for over 60 games including World of Warcraft and more.

Besides, the G19 display also provides valuable VoIP communication data, clock, CPU load and other PC hardware information such as pictures and videos. You can control and switch among those data without leaving during game play.

With 12 fully programmable G-keys with 3 Marcos per key, you can easily type in commands per game with single key presses. The Logitech G19 also feature with user select-able character back lighting color option where you can select which preference back light to complement the rest of your computer.

Best Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

The Razer Black Widow keyboard is specially designed for gaming that let you dominate the game with accuracy and delivering crisp, tactile feedback with every actuation. It is featured with full mechanical key with advance tactility and speed response. The Optimized actuation force of 50g allow you to key in commands faster compare with other normal keyboards.

With build-in with on the fly macros recording feature, you can easily make changes and configuration without leaving your eyes on the game and make switches over 10 personalized profile on your fingertips without going into complex driver menus.

The Razer Black Widow series designed with individual backlit keys with 5 levels of lighting that let you launch assaults and flank your foes in the dark conditions.

Best Gaming Keyboard For The Money

Compact, unique, and cool futuristic design, the Cyborg V7 gaming keyboard is innovative and modern computer keyboard that build for PC game dominance. It is the best ergonomic gaming keyboard that feature customization option that personalized setup to suit each position angle easily. An adjustable wrist wrest coupled with front and rear multi-stage risers allow you to alter the V7 Gaming Keyboard until your hands discover a comfortable gaming position.

The Cyborg V7 model is emphasize with performance, durability and nimble functionality that bring players to another new level of excitement. Configurable highlighted key gaming ares such as WASD, cursor, ‘Cyborg’ and NumPad keys can be lit independently from the rest of the keyboard to highlight commonly used gaming keys – Set each area to your preferred color or brightness to make the keyboard battle ready.

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards
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