Best Yoga Toe Socks

The best yoga toe socks are designed with non-slip grips to keep feet from slipping while doing yoga poses. They also provide cushioning for extra comfort and protect feet from getting fungus in yoga class. A couple of other reasons people wear them are to keep feet warm and to hide feet because they are self conscious about how they look. Back when yoga first became popular everybody went barefoot, me included, but not so much anymore, thanks to the genius who invented yoga toe socks.

For those who are up in years you might remember that in the 70’s toe socks were nothing more than a weird fad. Toe socks were bright multi-colored and mostly worn with clogs since clogs were about the only shoe you could get on with toe socks. Fast forward to now and this isn’t the case at all, not only are there yoga toe socks, they have toe socks specifically designed for dance, pilates, flip flops, sandals and sports just to name a few.

If you’re starting a yoga class or simply doing yoga at home on your own then yoga toe socks are something you should consider. When it comes finding the best yoga toe socks all one need do is read reviews and there are plenty of them on Amazon. One of the most popular brands is Toesox, an appropriate name if there ever was one. One of their best sellers is the Full Toe with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks with 135 reviews and 4 star rating.

The ToeSox brand carries a full line of toe socks, so if you’re into sports or just want to get a pair of split toe socks for your flip flops they have them. Injinji is another popular brand of yoga toe socks and toe socks in general. Keep in mind, however, that Injinji’s best selling toe socks are sports toe socks that are mostly designed to enhance performance, prevent blisters and to keep feet dry and warm during outdoor winter sports and activities.

When it comes to the best yoga toe socks though, ToeSox remain in the forefront, along with the Gaiam and Toezies brands. Gaiam and Toezies both give ToeSox a run for their money and are competitively priced in the $13-$15 range.

Who would have thought that toe socks would make such an astonishing come back and be so beneficial. Of course, you can still opt to wear toe socks that are simply fashionable and nothing more.