Better Business Bureau Mystery Shoppers Jobs

If you are considering Better Business Bureau mystery shoppers jobs, you will want to read this article first. It seems that during these tough economic times, more people are trying to find alternative sources of income. The promises of becoming a secret shopping employee is often very enticing, since most of us live in areas that most of the work can be done – near retail shops. While this would be quite appealing to almost any unemployed person looking for work, there are some serious drawbacks. Let’s explore the truth behind Better Business Bureau mystery shoppers jobs, so you can make an informed decision before accepting the position.

BBB Name

There have been many scams offering to pay big bucks, sometimes $50-$100 per hour to work as a secret shopping employee. In more recent times, some companies have gone so far as to use the BBB name. Some simply use the letters only, while others claim to be from the Better Business Bureau and offer mystery shopper jobs to almost anyone. Many of these scam letters are sent by email. Just because the email says BBB does not mean it’s legitimate.


The Mystery Shopping Providers Association is considered a legit source for this type of job. They actually certify the companies offering these jobs as legit or not legit, similar to the Better Business Bureau. Simply use caution and common sense and you should be fine. The MSPA offers you a chance to make sure you are looking at work from a legit company and not a scamming company.

Rate of Pay

Like any other form of work, rates of pay will vary. That said, you should not expect to earn anywhere near $50 per hour with Better Business Bureau mystery shoppers jobs. Again, if you use caution and common sense, you will do okay. If these positions were really paying $50-$100 per hour, they would most likely require a degree of some sort and would require resume submission and interviews, not simply a reply to an email or newspaper ads.

Fulltime Work?

Most would consider these types of positions as part time, just for a few extra bucks types of gigs at the very best. Keep this in mind before you sign up to join any company. Better Business Bureau mystery shoppers jobs are simply a way to make a few dollars on the side, at least in most cases.


You should never have to pay money to sign up for work through these companies. In addition, you will have to pay taxes on your earnings, even if not withheld by the employer. These are just a few things to consider with Better Business Bureau mystery shoppers jobs.

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