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Beyonce’s Photo Drama

Beyonce is always hitting the headlines but usually for the right reasons. She recently kicked off her world tour and received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, however when news broke about banning press photos she sparked outrage.

Rumour has it that it was unflattering photos of her recent Superbowl performance that may have made Beyonce feel self-conscious and take the decision to ban unknown photographers from her shows. Apparently she has employed one photographer to take all of the photos from her show and only approved ones will be released.

This has caused outrage amongst fans, as cameras have been banned from the shows, and has angered the press. There is potential that this has made things worse for Beyonce as fans have been sneaking cameras into her shows and as the press are frustrated at the lack of images they have, they have been printing fan’s unflattering, poor quality photos of her.

Beyonce’s tour outfits however have been spectacular. Many of them designed by Juilen McDonald, they feature an array of bright colours and are packed with sequins and glitter in true Beyonce style. All of the approved photos show Beyonce at flattering angles and perfectly display her costumes and accessories.

She regularly changes her costumes throughout the show, something popular with fans as it adds even more excitement. Unapproved photos have shown her mid dance move in unflattering positions or with her eyes closed mid song, a recent one also showed a close up of a rip in her tights.

No matter how many times Beyonce changes her outfits she always sticks to her faithful nude fishnets. Nude fishnets make her famous legs look extra perfect by adding warmth and giving perfect coverage. Beyonce’s undoubtedly custom made fishnets also seem to feature glitter to give her legs extra sheen and sparkle.

Nude fishnets are popular with a wide range of celebrities from Rihanna to The Saturdays when they are performing on stage, they give such a flawless glowing finish it is easy to see why. Nude fishnets are perfect for wearing on a night out and for extra glamour you could get a pair with seams running up the back as Beyonce’s backing dancers have.

Even some celebrities aren’t daring enough to wear fishnets during the day so sheer tights give them the healthy celebrity glow they want to be pictured with and with so many fantastic sheer and American tan tights on offer now it’s hard to resist.

Sheer nude tights are perfect for summer to make your legs look perfect when wearing summer dresses and American tan tights provide the instant tan we all crave. Even the biggest celebrities get self-conscious about showing their legs so it’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about going bare legged, especially with the unpredictable weather.

Invest in some nude hosiery like Beyonce and you won’t have to worry about being photographed at a bad angle!

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