BF3 Tips, Strategy and Keygen Guide

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Have you ever think of dominate and leveling fast in BF3 (Battlefield 3)? BF3 definitely change the conservative shooting game where you only can blindly run into the game, guns blazing, and killed enemies by ranking up. There are no short cut like cheat code, keygen and crack commands to dominate BF3. It all about strategy and proper community teamwork planning to win the battle. In Battlefield 3, you need to work as a team to develop a strategy and combat tactics in order to kill enemies and win a battle.

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If you’re thinking of one person show Rambo type shooting game, then BF3 is not for you. BF3 is all about teamwork and well define complicated strategy combat plan involved to dominate the game. The strategies and tips employ in order to win need a considerable amount of focus and perseverance.

If you’re enthusiastic BF3 player and determine to dominate the game, then you should have the great amount of patient and willing to explore the complexity features available in BF3. The effort to leveling fast in BF3 will be minimal depend of which strategy you consume to tackle in BF3. The fastest and easiest tip to dominate BF3 game is to get a professional and comprehensive strategy guide that help you in various intricate challenges in Battlefield 3.

Before move into depth of how to win big in BF3, you should understand well on BF3 talent, skill and classes tree. Bf3 classes tree is a basic need for beginner to understand how BF3 game work and players will have clearer picture of strategy implement, combat planning and accurate decision-making to gain the best weapons, armor and run high technology machine with shortest route.
BF3 game essentially is about teamwork and how community team members work together to win in battle is dependent by classes of the team itself. You have to choose your classes wisely before start of the game and know the role features of your classes.

There are total of four classes available in BF3 includes The Assault, The Engineer, The Recon and The Support and each classes specified with own unique specifications that help to win the game. Let walk-through them one by one:

The Assault class: This specific class more focus on mid and close distance attacks, where their weapons armed with shotgun, assault rifle and grenade launchers. You need to choose those weapons wisely to suit of battle tactics needed. The Assault class suitable for those who just starting the game. It also have the healing ability to save and offer medic support for those injured companions.

The Engineer class: This class is built for advance players where have more experience with BF3 battle strategy plan that focuses on close quarter combat, well run in heavy powerful machine gun, destroying enemy vehicles and good level accuracy of combat shooting skill.

The Recon class: If you’re interested on long distance fighting, then Recon class is prefect suit for you. Get a sniper rifle and aim for headshot kill without notice by enemies. Recon class work fine with mid range battle as well, but you need to work fast and precise in every shot you make. Strategy planning, remaining concealed and teamwork is essential to win as Recon team.

The Support class: No hero inside The Support class, you need to work as team here. Their well-known as fire coverage for rest of teammate and work perfectly with long and mid range battle. Some of BF3 practical guide did offer insight, exciting tips and combination weapons strategies on how to using low light machine guns to dominate the game.

Get a comprehensive and professional BF3 leveling guide that help to dominte the game fast and easy. This guide contained HD quality instruction video and complete walkthroughs of every single and multiplayer level. Its feature includes: BF3 map guide, weapons guides, leveling guide, multiplayer dominated guide and Killer strategy updated for ‘ Back To Karkand’ DLC expansion pack version.

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