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Bicycles That Glow In The Dark Are Safe And Cool


If you’ve ever seen one, you know bicycles that glow in the dark are safe and cool. Now try to imagine buying one for only $170.00. If you haven’t seen one, try to imagine how the performers at Cirque du Soleil or the Blue Man Group would trick out a bike. Just imagine the wheels and frame of a bike glowing like those illuminated plastic wire spinning thingies at the circus.

Gatorade and Glow in the Dark Bicycles

Well, that’s what University of Florida Assistant Professor Christopher Niezrecki and some Engineering students came up with after the Professor noticed how hard it was to see students riding their bikes at night. The University of Florida is the same school that invented the Gatorade sports drink to help keep their athletes hydrated in the Florida heat and humidity. Now Gatorade is a worldwide icon. Professor Niezrecki and some of his students wanted to do something to help bicycle riders be more visible at night. They won a grant to fund their work that led to bicycles that glow in the dark. One day their discovery may be as iconic as the Gatorade sports drink.

Glow in the Dark Bicycles for $170.00

Bicycles That Glow In The Dark Are Safe And CoolAfter seeing how hard it was to see students riding their bikes at night on the Florida campus, Niezrecki began to wonder what could be done to correct the situation. He and the students turned to an existing luminescent technology used to make the face of watches glow. Then they cut panels of a luminescent material and attached it to the rims and frame of a bicycle. That was their prototype glow in the dark bicycle. That’s why these bikes are also known as Lumen and Glow Bikes. The University of Florida design team use small batteries to send a charge to the luminescent material to make it glow. Unfortunately, this manufacturing process is very expensive but Niezrecki believes the glow in the dark kit for bicycles could eventually be mass-produced for about $170.00 a unit.

Glow in the Dark Bikes – I Want One

Everyone that saw the prototype fell in love with it and wanted to purchase one on the spot. The colorful glow in the dark kits, have a visual appeal to college kids that think the brightly colored units are cool and fun. Not to mention the status associated with being the first person to have one of those bicycles that glow in the dark. Remember what it was like to be the first kid in your neighborhood to have a bike. Glow in the dark bike kits could be the same kind of game changer that banana seats and high handlebars were for bicycles years ago.

Watch for Glowing Cyclist

People want glow in the dark bikes because they look cool but the visibility they provide could be a literal lifesaver. It’s been proven that reflectors on a bicycle help motorist see cyclist better but glow in the dark bikes make it hard for you not to see riders. They have obvious applications for commuting cyclist in big cities, for children in any community and for students on college campuses across the country. Riders should still wear safety gear when riding a glow in the dark bike as a precaution. If you’ve ever seen one, you know bicycles that glow in the dark are safe and cool.

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Bicycles That Glow In The Dark Are Safe And Cool

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Bicycles That Glow In The Dark Are Safe And Cool
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