Bicycles that glow in the dark

Have you seen the recent Blackberry Bold 9900 commercial? The one with the ‘night bike’ brigade that glow in the dark? I love this commercial. In the commercial, the bikes have been sprayed with phosphorescent paint and that definitely could be an inexpensive DIY project , however, the paints have a dimming rate, and they are not going to be as bright with time (usually an initial bright burst that’s short and then a longer duller period) and do not last the night. Definitely something for inventors to keep working on. Niezrecki is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the university, and when he first arrived on campus a couple of years ago he couldn’t help but notice how many students tooled around the college town at night on their bikes. He also couldn’t help but notice that sometimes, it was hard to see them. So he came up with a novel idea that has already set some bike manufacturers’ minds spinning. Why not, Niezrecki thought, build a bicycle that glows in the dark? So he teamed up with two undergraduate mechanical engineering students and set to work on the project. The team won a $16,000 grant from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, a six-year-old program sponsored by the Lemelson Foundation to foster the entrepreneurial spirit at colleges and universities across the country. If you’re interested, I believe Cambridge Bicycle is still selling this baby for $2000 (with $100 shipping to continental US). I don’t think this has been the aim of these searches and the sudden spike led me to question what they are looking for and have I missed something in the glowing bicycle world? So I did a Google search and the first items that I came across, are items that I have seen before such as the Puma bike and the Cambridge bike. However, after a little more digging it seems that the cause for the commotion has been due to the recent Blackberry Curve advert. Personally, glow in the dark bikes look like fun, I would recommend it if you’re bored, have money, and have nothing to do in life except write articles.