Bid and Win Salvage Vehicles of your Choice

While browsing the internet or scanning through your daily newspaper, you may have noticed advertisements that offer great prices on ‘salvage vehicles’. Have you ever been curious to know more about these vehicles and how useful they could be to you? The process of buying a salvage car on auction can be exciting. There are people bidding from different corners of the world and the experience of winning a vehicle can be exhilarating. The ticking of the clock, the competition and the nail-biting live auction cannot be duplicated.

The rush of winning a vehicle doubles when bidders compete against thousands and take home a salvage vehicle of their choice. The auctions offer a great opportunity to select vehicles of different brands and year of manufacture.

What is a Salvage Titled Car?

When a vehicle is damaged due to an accident or natural calamity, and the estimated cost of repair exceeds its original value by a significant percentage, it is given a salvage title by the insurance company. The insurance company declares it as a “total loss”. For potential customers, salvage title cars for sale can be an inexpensive option. Subsequently, the agency for motor vehicles issues a salvage certificate after evaluating its damages. Later, the insurance company can sell it to a repair or ‘body shop’, where it can be repaired and made drivable. As per regulations in all of the US states, if repairs are done on a vehicle, it needs to go through a safety inspection process. If the automobile passes the safety inspection, the motor vehicle agency will issue a new title to the car. The salvage title indicates that the car has been salvaged or repaired. This is done to provide information to the future owner(s).

Vehicles usually get a salvage title for the following reasons:

Flood Damage: Cars that are damaged due to flood often become irreparable and get a salvage title. Damage due to Hail Storm: Severe hailstorms are common occurrences in the US, and they frequently cause damage to a large number of vehicles. These are also put in the category of salvage title vehicles.

Stolen and recovered Cars: If a car is stolen and cannot be retrieved for a specific time period, the insurance company pays off the insured amount for the vehicle to the owner. If the car is found later, the insurance company has the right to sell the vehicle. Some of the states in the US issue a salvage title for stolen cars that are recovered later.

Damage due to Vandalism: Vandalism may cause significant damage to the vehicle; such vehicles can also get a salvage title, although vandalism is not mentioned as the reason for salvage in the title.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Salvage Car?

Buying salvage cars can be a great option for people looking for vehicles at budget prices. Low prices and great variety make these an attractive option for customers who do not want to buy expensive vehicles with clean titles. Some parts of these cars may be damaged; however, after repair or rebuilding, these vehicles become roadworthy.

Salvage cars offer value to customers looking to buy their first car or for someone who wants to buy a second vehicle. Customers can strike a cheaper deal if they opt for salvage titled vehicles over cars with a clean title.