Big Brother IS Watching

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There is no privacy on the Internet. Every key stroke is captured.  Unless you are using Proxies, dancing through the ‘dark net’, you can take it as I say it, Google is watching.

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Every gmail you sent is run through a ‘keyword’ search. The keywords are sold to advertisers.  Advertisers need to find their target market.

So you write an email and mention that you think Jake’s daughter is autistic.  Autism is a ‘keyword’.  You will now find banners, pop-ups, ads, from various agencies that deal with Autism all over the net.

Amazing ‘coincidence?’  No.  There’s a great video on Vimeo called the Gmail Man. Take a look at it. It explains better than I can.

Take Facebook.  Every keystroke is captured.  Not merely from Facebook, to Facebook.  For the advertisers pay Facebook for the keywords so as to post ads on Facebook.

Give you an example, I glanced at some site, the next thing, it was leaving posts on my Facebook page.  I didn’t join, I didn’t leave my name.  I merely connected.

I connected, the site got my I.P. checked with Facebook, yup, I have a page, and yup, every day, post after post until I put that site in the garbage.  I did not Agree for that site to be ‘my friend’.  I did not give any commendation to that site.  It saw me, it tracked me. Something like getting lice.

You may think making your Facebook page ‘private’ is protection.  Nope.  Your friends have friends who have friends, and you will find posts on your page from people you don’t know, (or want to).

Edward Snowden revealed this years ago, which is why he became America’s Public Enemy #1.  He revealed this as well as the nature of Cell Phones.

To understand what is happening, read George Orwell’s 1984.


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Big Brother IS Watching, Seekyt
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