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Big Four of Best Laptops 2015 for Games

2015-it is the games year. It is definitely stated because the progress of the technology on the internet services has been supported by 4G and 5G. The result, almost in every place is connected to the internet in the standard speed. Not only that, the price of laptops as the main effective device comes with the variants price starting from the low price with the low specification until the expensive with the complicated specification there. Regarding that, best laptops 2015 will help you to find the suit design, specification, the price, and the types of the laptops for the games.

Number One: Apache Pro GE70

Apache Pro GE70
Apache Pro GE70, Source: Amazon.com

Starting from the first best laptops 2015, it is the apache pro GE70. For the appearances, the design is quite futuristic such as the n series. It is flatted and easy lifting. Some variants colors are available on the silver and black only. At the same time, the specification that builds the laptop is empowered by Intel processor of i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M system, 1 TB HDD, a high memory of 12 GB DDR3 SDRAM, and 8.1 windows program. Having those items inside the laptop, it is compatible that the laptop will give the best performances on the game. Without doubting, it will play effective although the game application is in high definition vision.

In addition, the extra items will be given especially the steel series of the program keyboard backlit. It is the advanced topic because the previous design generation does not have that program even the manufactures claims that its technology works better 20% on the processing the multimedia orders. Further, the price for fourth generation of laptops, it is under $1000. This is different from the first launch generation which is under $1400. That is seriously happens because the manufacture has found the compatible items for the best multimedia developments laptops with lower price, but those provide the high quality.

Number Two: Lenovo Z70 Series

Lenovo Z70 Series
Lenovo Z70 Series, Source: Amazon.com

The second position for the compatible gaming laptop, you should see the collection of Lenovo. Based on the price that they offer, they produce the hard devices with the low prices. It is the outstanding topic and chance to purchase this. Well, Lenovo Z70 is the extremely luxuries design with the popular series style. Similarity to the perfection on the hardware, the software presents the high technology developments. They are the modern processor of i7, 16 GB Ram, the windows 8.1, 1 terra byte HDD and the NVIDA GeForce of the graphic 840M. The software is the major items to play the biggest role to create the fast multimedia without loading or getting a lack of system processing.

Moreover, the extra item is equal to those quality, it is the speaker which is dual JBl empowered by the progressive Dolby system of the audio developments for laptop. Then, you will probably start to choose the APC or this Lenovo as your choice. On the comparison, both laptops have almost the same specification and the performance. Yet, the hardware especially on the keyboard and the designs can be the considerations on your choices. To purchase this best design laptop 2015, you have to follow the rate of the changing and the standard price is that it is under $1000.

Number Three: Dell Inspiron 5000 Series

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series
Dell Inspiron 5000 Series, Source: Dell.com

Moving away from MSI and Lenovo, Dell seems want to reach its lateness on producing the magnificent design and specification technology. In this case, Dell tries to create the independent laptop without the extra device and the additional application to boost the program on gaming. In fact, Dell Inspiron i5547 comes to great the public. On the hardware appearances, it is the ant-scratch.

With no question, it is the biggest deal that you never worry once you put it on the bag. Specifically, best laptops 2015 have 15 inches on the screen and the color choices are blue, silver, and black. Based on teradatariver’s laptop review, this solid laptop supports the performances with the windows 8.1, the fourth generation of the i7 processor, 8 GB Ram, the storage of 1TB, and the last is the HD graphic of 4400. In the different purposes, best dell laptops also can be equally with for the business usage.

Although, some reviewers convinces that this laptop only works maximally on the business, but it cannot be destructed that the compatible standard of the specifications especially the AMD Radeon of R7 HD graphic, it is also possible gaming. Therefore, the processing will not get any problem to read the heavy game application once. To purchase best laptops 2015, you have to spend the basic range cost with $1500. This may change in short time based on the rate of the international burgeoning money.

Number Four: ASUS N550JX-DS71T

ASUS N550JX-DS71T, Source: Dell.com
ASUS N550JX-DS71T, Source: Asus.com

After getting the information above, it will never be completed to seek the detail on the ASUS production. It is the N550JX-DS71T series. Although some rumors about ASUS are separately booming in the matter on the maintenance, some reviews are totally changing their mind after they try ASUS for this series as best gaming laptops purposes. Not only on the key board that is adjustable to type and sleek on the hands, but also the touch screen device. It is the combination ideas to show the laptop as the advanced equipment.

Not only is that, the best laptops under 1000 dollars totally different from the previous. In short, the default offering version from the manufactures are managing the laptop with i7 of the processor, NVIDIA GTX950M graphics card 2G, 8 GB, and the one terra byte of the HDD. To raise those specifications, you have to do it independently and it is obviously taking huge money.

Therefore, the best respond laptops shows the available point to play the game similarity to the laptop above. Further, the price of this solid laptop can be purchased with the minimal prediction under $1000. That comes from the prediction of some reviewers and they convince that will never go up or get the fluctuated. Uniquely, it has the simple design on the frame even that can be removed and replaced by other frames based on your desire.

The last thing before you decide the brand of best laptops 2015, you have to see the reviewers as much as you can on the media. That is the way to seek the best result of the experiences usage. At least, they will write the respond according to the experiences. Significantly, you have to check your budget before you choose the laptop and sometimes, saving the money and thick the patient are sufficient to get the ideal laptop for your activities whether you are the multimedia students, the gamers, or the business works.

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